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Advice & Summaries Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics - UL


Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics

Advice 2019-2020

For most students, this course is probably not the reason why they chose to study Psychology, and for some it might even be the reason to quit. However, if you do invest and get the hang of it along the way, you'll benefit greatly during the rest of your studies.

The most important book for this course is the one by Leary. The most of the book by Howell will be covered by the other statisticscourses later this year, while the book by Pallant is mainly useful for the skills test.

 Required reading of Leary and Howell for the course - Leary: chapters 1-7, 9, 10, 13 and 14; Howell: chapters 1-3 and 9.

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      Booksummary Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods - Leary

      Booksummary Statistical Methods for Psychology - Howell

      Booksummary SPSS survival manual - Pallant

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