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JoHo Business Membership - How does it work?

JoHo offers organisations the possibility of subscribing for a Business membership, which offers the possibility to use a variety of services against affordable and discounted rates. Each organisation that becomes a member supports JoHo projects in the fields of international development and the sharing of knowledge.

Business membership conditions

  • Limited to organisations
  • Continuous membership with a minimum duration of 12 months
  • Payment through invoice

How do Business memberships work?

  1. Use the online sign up form and choose the membership that best suits your organisation's needs.
  2. After your application has been processed, your organisation will be contacted so we can get an overview of your needs and desires.
  3. Together we can decide which of JoHo's services your organisation will make use of.
  4. Your organisation will receive an invoice on an annual basis.
  5. Business memberships have a duration of 12 months and are valid from the moment of signing up. Cancelling a membership can be done until one month prior to the renewal date of the running year.

Please also check the overview of the services and discounts available for the different business membership options.

Memberservice: Make personal notes

Ben je JoHo abonnee dan kun je je eigen notities maken, die vervolgens in het notitieveld  worden getoond. Deze notities zijn en blijven alleen zichtbaar voor jouzelf. Je kunt dus aantekeningen maken of bijvoorbeeld je eigen antwoorden geven op vragen

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