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  • Organizations holding a Business Membership and willing to offer a relevant, ongoing, discount on their product(s) and service(s), get free exposure through JoHo channels in exchange
  • You will be mentioned on an "all-discounts" webpage, frequently visited by JoHo members. By occassion, you can get mentioned on other pages as well.
  • Depending on the amount of the discount, the product you offer and your willingness to promote this discount for JoHo members through your own channels, you can get extra exposure
  • Also see the overview of possibilities



  • Crossroads lead you through the JoHo web of knowledge, inspiration & association
  • Use the crossroads to follow a connected direction


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Ben je JoHo abonnee dan kun je je eigen notities maken, die vervolgens in het notitieveld  worden getoond. Deze notities zijn en blijven alleen zichtbaar voor jouzelf. Je kunt dus aantekeningen maken of bijvoorbeeld je eigen antwoorden geven op vragen