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Domestic flights

  • Because of its huge size, domestic flights with local carriers are a good option to cover large distances.

By train

  • Trains are one of the most commonly used means of transport for tourists and are generally reliable and safe.
  • Do keep in mind that because of the vastness of the country, train journeys can be extremely long. If you’re in a hurry, domestic flights are a good alternative at almost the same cost.
  • Please noteBooking confirmations are generally sent via text message and not via email, a Chinese mobile could therefore come in handy. The message will commonly be in Chinese.

By bus

  • Travelling by bus is another good means of travel in China. Journeys can be long and buses crowded, however the prices are low and journeys frequent.

By boat

  • The boat is a fun way to travel but more for the experience than to cover long distances. A popular boat trip on the Yangtze is the journey from Chongqing to Yichang.

By taxi

  • Taxis are relatively cheap when travelling short distances.
  • Chinese taxis work with a meter so make sure yours is turned on.
  • Write down your destination on a bit of paper if you don’t speak Chinese.
  • Cash is the preferred payment method.

By car

  • Chinese driver’s licenses are the only ones accepted in China.
  • Visitors can rent a car but with restrictions: only with a special license plate specifically for foreign motorists, only at the bigger airports such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong and you can’t leave the city. If you want to take a car outside of the city, you’ll have to hire a chauffeured car.

By rickshaw

  • Rickshaws are a good option for short distances in cities – they come motorised and non-motorised.



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