How to stay safe in Spain?

General safety

  • Spain is fairly safe in general. Keep your wits about you though, as there are risks of being scammed.


  • There are incidents of pickpockets or robberies in big cities and busy tourist spots. Avoid flaunting expensive jewellery, phones and bags. Keep valuables safe.
  • Be wary of the distraction scam where you are approached by friendly enough people who distract you with questions, offers of flowers or a magic trick while their partners in crime empty your pockets.
  • Bands of thieves have been known to operate on motorways either puncturing your tyres at rest stops or pretending to be police officers flagging you down on the pretext of there being something wrong with your car. Whilst helping you fix the tyre or inspecting the ‘problem’, the others take your valuables. Driving a rental or a car with a foreign plate will attract most scammers.

Forces of nature

  • Forest fires do occur, especially in summer or after long dry spells. Be careful when discarding cigarette butts and avoid starting open fires, use designated barbecues when available.
  • Earthquakes have been reported on the Canary Islands.


  • Even though possession of cannabis in small quantities and for personal use only is now legal, possession of large quantities or dealing any drugs (including cannabis) is strictly prohibited.


  • Traffic in larger cities and busier areas can be somewhat chaotic with motorist adopting a flexible approach to the rules.

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