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  • Smokey Tours are not just tours. They offer experience, believing that deep experience equals deep insight. The tours are unique and honest; a testimony of changing times and our global interconnectedness.All tours are guided by well-trained local Smokey Tours tour leaders, from underprivileged communities to running eye-opening tours around Metro Manila
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          Voordelen voor JoHo donateurs & abonnees

          All JoHo members can get a 10% discount ....but are encouraged to use this (and preferably more) for a donation to Smokey Tours or the projects you visit on the tour.

          Adres & Gegevens
          World Experience Philippines (Smokey Tours)
          6C Purdue (appointment only)
          Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

          Smokey Tours offers tours inspired on the Millennium goals for visiting travelers & local filipino's. Smokey is part of The World of JoHo.

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          Aanmelden bij JoHo

          Activiteiten, Producten & Services

          Products & Services

          • Smokey Tours offers now Slum Tours & Millenium Goal Tours for visiting travelers & local Filipinos.
          • In January 2011, Juliette Kwee organized a photo tour for Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres. This ‘photo walk’ portrayed the way children live in the area of Tondo, specifically Smokey Mountain. 20 local photographers volunteered and donated their photographs. Juliette discovered the talents of the residents of Smokey Mountain, they tell stories about their neighbourhood with passion, pride and dignity.
          • The idea of a special tour was born. Juliette started recruiting and coaching potential tour leaders. To professionally develop the tours Juliette reached out to international likeminded organizations that were already offering slum tours in Brazil and India.
          • The Smokey Mountain tour became Smokey Tours’ signature tour (hence the name of the organization). Throughout 2012 the Smokey Mountain Tour was lead by Nympha and Remy. The guests were mainly part of a network of acquaintances while the arrangements and planning were largely improvised. Since the very beginning all the profit made with the Smokey Mountain Tour was donated to a local NGO, Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres where Juliette volunteered for several years. Smokey Tours now offers four different tours and keeps seeking improvement and growth opportunities. Now Smokey Mountain has closed down and Smokey Tours has created a new Slum Tour in Baseco with a new beneficiary NGO. 100% of the profits now are donated to CREST and spent towards providing relief in case the slums get hit by typhoons or other disaster

          Smokey offers different tours

          Slum Tour 

          • Slums are a whole other world. A world which at first glance seems so different to what the majority of our visitors are used to. We see people working hard peeling garlic, scavenging for recyclable goods and making food out of leftovers from garbage bins. We wander down the narrow alleys of the area, observing and see residents living in small spaces with poor sanitation, and with reduced poor access to water and electricity. Life is tough, it's dirty but it's not a depressing place. People are smiling and getting on with life. Visit one of Manila's poorest areas where people try to live and work and call home. Understand the issues that the residents face, and discover resilience in its truest form.

          Market Tour

          • Walk through the Market area of old Manila to get a taste of a true Filipino culture. 
          • Try on the way local filipino snacks and fruit.

          Cemetery Tour  

          • Discover why some people choose to live inside a cemetery and learn about the beliefs and superstitions of Filipino's.

          Alternatieven, Agenda & Media
          Skills & Compenties bij deze organisatie
          Voorbereiding & Verzekering


          • For the tours: Check out the bookingspages
          • For helping or working in Manila : check out the country pages


          Market Tour

          Projecten, Initiatieven & WorldSupporter CV

          World Supporter CV

          'What we contribute to the World'.

          Help & Inspire

          • 100% of proceeds of the Slum Tour are given to a local NGO, which is CREST, providing relief after typhoons and other disasters. Smokey Tours and CREST do projects in the community together.
          • CREST helps the community with:
            • Relief after typhoons and other disasters (food and shelter)
            • Trainings to prepare for typhoons and disasters
            • Fire warning systems
            • Organizing community centers
            • Daycares for children
            • Community Health Centers 
          • The Slum Tour is organized to provide livelihood for the local tour leaders in the slums in Manila.

          Travel & Cooperate

          • Smokey Tours is located in Metro Manila.
          • Smokey Tours offers four different tours and educates impoverished people to become professional Tour Leaders.

          Learning & Developing Talent

          • Guests will get an insight and gain knowledge of 'the other side of Manila'.
          • Tour Leaders of Smokey Tours improve their English, learn tour leading and leadership skills. 

          Work & Initiate

          • The Smokey Slum Tour was the first tour of Smokey Tours. 
          • Smokey Tours also developed a Market (Food) Tour, a Bicycle Tour and a Cemetery Tour.

          Make a donation

          • If you want to support Smokey Tours you are very welcome to give a donation.  By donating to Smokey Tours you will give the local community the opportunity to become a tour leader and you will support the project CREST. This project supports the local community with relief when there are typhoons and disasters, trainings and organizing community centers and daycares for children. Even the smallest donations contribute to better living conditions of the local community in the Tondo area.
          • Go to the donation options

          Smokey Tours on Tripadvisor

          Eco Urban Tourism - a MUST DO when in Manila”  (USA)

          • I came away from 2 of their tours with an incredible appreciation of their goals, their stewardship and their friendliness. I took the Slum Tour and Bicycle Tour and walked away form both with lots of new information about Manila and experiencing the heart of its people both from the walking tour and interaction with guides. Wow...both tours were fantastic.... More 

          “Great tours”  (Amsterdam)

          I did 3 tours, slumtour, biketour and markettour and they are all great. Tourleaders are very nice and I felt save all the time.

          “Slum tour, we all should see and know the reality”  (Japan)

          I attended to the slum tour,guided by Remy who lives in the slum and works to improve the people in education, health etc. It is a very eye-opening, educative and meaningful tour. I recommend this tour to all. Many people smiled for me and kid were living in very tough environment but were very cheerful.

          See the video

          Won the UNICEF Award!:

          • GMA i-Witness’: Black Manila was one of the Finalists for a UNICEF Award and won the award! Jan, 2015. In 2014 Smokey Tours was featured on a local network in Manila. The episode is called Black Manila and was a finalist for a UNICEF Asia Pacific Child’s Rights Award. Black Manila won the award! The support is immense and highly appreciated. The show is in Tagalog but with its growing fame, English subtitles have been placed. Click below to watch “Black Manila”. To the Video


          Free Health Insurances

          • The tourleaders of Smokey tours benefit of the Insurance For Talent program that provides them with free Health insurances for them and part of their families
          Smokey Tours : Projecten, Initiatieven & WorldSupporter CV

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                  Statistische Modellen 2 - College 5
                  Regressieanalyse met categorische predictoren   Regressielijnen voor verschillende groepen Regressielijnen voor verschillende groepen Relaties tussen intervalvariabelen onderzoeken (attitudes is een voorbeeld van intervalvariabelen) multipele...
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                  For this service, a plug valve or possibly a control valve needs to be used. It must be noted that due to the type of construction a gate valve requires many turns with the hand wheel to totally open or close the valve like DIN 316 Sight Glass ....
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                  Werk, stage, vrijwilligerswerk bij de organisatie

                  Volunteer and Internships

                  • Smokey Tours is always looking for pro-active people that would like to be part of the team! If you can contribute on any way (whether it is marketing, promotion, sponsors, etc.).
                  • Dutch Volunteers & Interns will go through a selection procedure conducted by JoHo Netherlands.
                  Reageren, solliciteren & informeren


                  • Neem met deze organisatie contact op via de contactgegevens op deze pagina voor meer informatie of reacties op bovenstaande en onderstaande activiteiten, aanbiedingen, vacatures, stages en vrijwilligerswerkmogelijkheden


                  Vacatures & Activities van deze organisatie

                  Alle vacatures en werkmogelijkheden voor betaald werk, stages en vrijwilligerswerk voldoen doorgaans aan een aantal criteria:De organisaties hebben doorgegeven 1 á 2 vacatures per jaar óf doorlopende vacatures en activiteiten beschikbaar te hebben + de vacatures zijn in te vullen door Nederlanders. Kom je een vacature of activiteit tegen die niet meer aan deze criteria voldoet, laat het JoHo dan even weten. Bij voorbaat dank!

                  • Werken bij JoHo: JoHo Smokey Tours op de Filipijnen - Filipijnen -
                    • JoHo Philippines en Smokey Tours hebben als doel om vrijwilligers en toeristen in contact te brengen met de lokale bevolking en bij te dragen aan lokale projecten in Manila.
                    • Voor het sociale project Smokey Tours zoekt JoHo Philippines gedreven studenten/starters die mee willen helpen bij het verder ontwikkelen van de tours.
                  Crossroad: met JoHo WorldSupporter
                  Projectmedewerker Reizen Balkan/Oost-Europa
                  Eastpackers organiseert (studie)reizen, vrijwilligerswerk, uitwisselingen en andere activiteiten in en over voormalig communistische landen in Midden- en Oost-Europa, voormalig Joegoslavië en de voormalige Sovjet-Unie. Momenteel wordt gezocht...
                  Journalistieke stage in de reiswereld
                  Reismedia Groep zoekt voor de titel 'Reisbizz' een stagiair die de laatste updates uit de reiswereld weet te vinden en daar prikkelend verslag van kan leggen. Op deze plek ga je vanaf je eerste stagedag aan de slag met het schrijven...
                  Plastic vissen en plastic rapen in de Costa Ricaanse natuur
                  Wil je je volgende vakantie nuttig besteden? Of wil je de impact van je strandvakantie compenseren? Met de kleine, maar ervaren organisatie MareBlu Organización de Conservación Ambiental kan je lekker aan de slag. Leg contact via Facebook en kijk...

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