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Contents: summaries with the prescribed articles of the course Culture and Diversity at Work (Psychology, Leiden University, Bachelor 2/3)

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Know the different forms of discrimination and know how they can be measured and prevented.

Know why diversity is important for organizations and why they choose to work with diversity - and know how to name the differences between moral reasons, societal reasons, compliance, synergetic reasons and business-economic reasons.

Practice Question: Larry has been working at Schiphol Airport costumer care for years. As his manager, you have noticed he spends a lot of time chatting with his (mostly female) colleagues and does not perform satisfactory. In order to improve his attitude, you have considered handing him different responsibilities but he didn't seem very interested in the opportunity. His trainees have recently started complaining about the authorative way in which he delegates tasks. How might Larry's behavior be explained according to Kanter's analysis? Give 3 explanations and clearify them by referring to aspects of the above descriptions.

Practice Question: Harry is looking for a new staff member to join the administrative department of his company. Bilal Hachim, of Moroccan descent, decides to apply for the position. Harry decides not to invite Bilal for an interview because he knows people of Moroccan descent don't always speak Dutch very well. According to what we've seen and heard during the lectures, this decision is:

  1. Not discrimination
  2. Consumer discrimination
  3. Statistical discrimination
  4. Malicious discrimination


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