Printed summary of Group Dynamics - Forsyth - 7th edition




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Contents: Summary to be used with the 7th edition of Group Dynamics by Forsyth

Form: printed, est. 60 pages

Language: English

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Booksummaries to be used with the 7th edition

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Booksummaries to be used with the 6th edition

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    Content Prints

     Booksummary: list of contents for the printed summaries

    • The English printed booksummary contains the following chapters:
      • What are the basic concepts of group dynamics? - Chapter 1
      • How are groups being studied? - Chapter 2
      • How do inclusion and identity influence each other? - Chapter 3
      • How are groups formed? - Chapter 4
      • What is cohesion and how does it affect groups? - Chapter 5
      • What does a group structure look like? - Chapter 6
      • How does a group influence its members, and the other way around? - Chapter 7
      • What types of power are there and how do they influence a group? - Chapter 8
      • What theories about leadership are there? - Chapter 9
      • How are group achievements improved? - Chapter 10
      • What is the influence of the group on decision-making? - Chapter 11
      • How do teams work? - Chapter 12
      • How do conflicts arise, escalate, and dissipate? - Chapter 13
      • What are the characteristics of intergroup relationships? - Chapter 14
      • In what contexts do groups exist? - Chapter 15
      • How do growth and change occur in groups? - Chapter 16
      • How do crowds and collectives behave? - Chapter 17
    • The Dutch printed booksummary contains the following chapters:
    • Wat zijn groepsdynamieken? - Chapter 1
    • Hoe kan men groepen onderzoeken? - Chapter 2
    • Wat is identiteit? - Chapter 3
    • Wat is formatie? - Chapter 4
    • Hoe verloopt de ontwikkeling van samenhang binnen een groep? - Chapter 5
    • Wat is structuur? - Chapter 6
    • Wat is invloed? - Chapter 7
    • Wat is macht? - Chapter 8
    • Wat is leiderschap? - Chapter 9
    • Wat is prestatie? - Chapter 10
    • Wat zijn teams? - Chapter 11
    • Hoe maken groepen beslissingen? - Chapter 12
    • Wat is conflict? - Chapter 13
    • Wat zijn onderlinge relaties? - Chapter 14
    • Hoe werken groepen in verschillende contexten? - Chapter 15
    • Hoe vindt groei en verandering plaats? - Chapter 16
    • Wat zijn menigten en collectieven? - Chapter 17

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