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Summary Shops

  • Summaries Shops are overview pages per study or study phase where you can get decision aid for all JoHo summaries and study aid materials, where you can check whether the online and printed summaries are already available and where you can pick up printed summaries.

How does it work in short

  1. Check the Advice & Assortment Guides for tips on the course and an overview of the summaries and study assistance
  2. Find all summaries, bullet summaries, exam tests and training and extra study help collected by Course or Book tool
  3. Join JoHo as a JoHo subscriber  and study online or pick up JoHo's for free at the pickup counters or have them delivered at home
  4. Order online if you don't want to become a subscriber yet

What can you find in a Summary Shop?

  • Advice & Assortment Guides:

    • In the Advice & Assortment Guides you will find tips about the course, an overview of which JoHo's are available or expected for you online and in print and which of them are useful, necessary or essential.
  • Course Tools and Book Tools

    • In the Course and Book Tools you will find all summaries, bullet summaries, exam tests and training and extra study assistance collected per course or book
    • If you are a JoHo subscriber and are logged in, you can read all summaries and study assistance per course or per book and take notes per tool or chapter
  • Order summaries & Delivery:

    • Under 'Printed & Delivery' help you will find a link to the Print Shop or to a Shop Bundle per study year where you can easily order all (free) printed summaries to pick up or have them delivered at home.
  • Join JoHo as a subscriber:

    • If you join JoHo (for less than 1.50 per month!) you can study online for free all year round and collect at least 10 summaries for free through sponsorship of JoHo partners.

Footprints & Tips

  • When you have found what you were looking for, save your pages in your own account.
  • Anyone who is logged in as a JoHo member or subscriber can see his or her favorites at the bottom of every online page of the website or what he or she still needs to study.
  • You can leave these footprints on every page where you are so that you can easily find your way back next time.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

  • You can use the 'Helpdesk & Support' section at the bottom of any Summaries Shop or search by author or title via one of the search fields.
  • All important study fields have their own Topic pages (in Dutch) where you can find more about the background of the study field, summaries of the most important textbooks, related vacancies, related internships abroad and other useful information.
  • You can pose a question by telephone or the online contact form
Summaries: Online and Print - Newsblog Update September 2021

News blog about using the online JoHo summaries and printed summaries


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VIP - Studievereniging voor Psychologiestudenten Groningen

VIP - Studievereniging voor Psychologiestudenten Groningen


  • VIP organizes study-related and social activities. As a VIP-member, you receive a discount on study books as well as a discount on VIP activities.

VIP & JoHo

  • VIP is one of the partners of JoHo. Together with JoHo, VIP aims to provide the best possible summaries in the most accesible and affordable way for Psychology students in Groningen

VIP: Pickupdesk

  • Due to circumstances, there are no pick-up options at the VIP room for the time being.
  • If possible, VIP & JoHo try to organize alternative pick-up moments. If possibilities arise for this, this will be mentioned here and on the Contact with JoHo page


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Who can use what and for what price?

JoHo subscribers

Using Summaries and Study Aid

  • JoHo subscribers can pick up free print summaries all year round from JoHo, study association or have them delivered at home

  • JoHo subscribers have access to all online summaries, bullet summaries, exam tests and training, and additional study help on

  • JoHo subscribers gain insight into the way in which the exams will be taken

  • JoHo subscribers get tips and tricks for the most efficient study methods


  • JoHo subscribers contribute 20 euros per calendar year to the objectives of JoHo

  • JoHo subscribers who are also JoHo members receive a 10 euro discount on their JoHo subscription

  • JoHo subscribers who join in the period from July to December can use the benefits and services with their subscription for free in the first months.

JoHo members

Using Summaries and Study Aids

  • JoHo members have access to all shared lecture notes, past exams and other study assistance on JoHo WorldSupporter(.org)

  • JoHo members get a 20% discount on home-delivered printed summaries

  • JoHo members receive a 10 euro discount when taking out a JoHo subscription


  • JoHo members contribute from 5 euros per calendar year to the objectives of JoHo


Using Summaries and Study Aid

  • Anyone can view the first chapters of many book summaries on without taking out a subscription

  • Anyone can find and use summaries posted by fellow students for free on JoHo WorldSupporter(.org)

  • Anyone can create an account on JoHo WorldSupporter(.org) to share their own notes and study aid with fellow students

  • Anyone can order printed JoHo's for 5 euros each, plus shipping and handling costs

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