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  • The Yuan – the Chinese currency – is highly susceptible to inflation so the exchange rate can differ massively from one day to the next. Keep an eye on the official rates.


  • It’s always good to have some cash on you.
  • Euros can be exchanged at the bigger (chain) hotels, at airports and in the bigger branches of the Bank of China.

Cashpoint / ATM

  • Cashpoints are easy to find in the bigger cities and more are being installed outside the urban areas.
  • Instances of cashpoints being out of service are relatively high though so be prepared and always have some cash on you, especially if you venture off the beaten track.

Credit card

  • Credit cards are increasingly accepted. However, not all types are accepted and not all restaurants and hotels accept them so do check beforehand.
  • Be mindful that although stickers may advertise differently, they still may only accept Chinese cards. Again, do check.
  • You can use your credit card for cash withdrawals but only at the larger branches of the Bank of China.



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