What are payment options in the Philippines?

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  • The Philippines’ national currency is the Peso.
  • Banks and bureau de changes can be found in the larger cities and at Manila Airport. Check the exchange rate before you travel.
  • American dollars are commonly accepted, euros and other currencies less so.


  • Always have some American dollar bills on you, especially when travelling to more remote areas.
  • Coins and small denomination notes are scarce so stock up especially when travelling to more remote areas.

Cashpoint / ATM

  • ATMs are easy to find in medium sized to larger cities. However, in remote areas they will either be non-existent or out of money so come prepared.
  • Most ATMs have a maximum withdrawal limit.
  • Charges for taking money out depend on your bank as well as the back operating the ATM.

Credit card

  • Credit cards are pretty widely accepted in hotels, restaurants and businesses. They can also be used for cash withdrawals.
  • Some businesses, especially those outside of cities and more remote areas, will charge a fee for using your credit card. Check the going rate.

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