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What is health psychology?

Health psychologists examine psychological influences with regard to how people stay healthy, why people get sick and how people respond when they become ill. For example, they examine which behavioral and social factors contribute to health or illness. The focus is on the prevention and treatment of diseases. Promoting a healthy lifestyle plays a role in this. It is important to keep an eye on the definition of health. Rather than defining health as the absence of illness, health is recognized to be an achievement involving balance among physical, mental and social well-being.

What relationship exists between body and mind?

Throughout history, the interaction between body and mind has been an important subject of research for philosophers and scientists. The ancient Greeks were among the earliest civilizations to identify the role of bodily factors in health and illness. 

Before the ancient Greeks, in prehistoric times, disease was thought to arise when evil spirits entered the body. By the Middle Ages, the pendulum had swung to supernatural explanations for illlness. After that, during the Renaissance, great strides were made in understanding the technical bases of medicine. This could be done because of the development of the science of autopsy and the invention of the microscope.

The biomedical model resulted out of medical practice and has been used as a guideline for the past 300 years. This model assumes that psychological and social processes are largely irrelevant to the disease process and that all illness can instead be explained on the basis of somatic bodily processes, such as biochemical imbalances of neurophysiological abnormalities. The absence of psychological and social processes in the causes of illness called for a new model: The biopsychosocial model. 

What is the Biopsychosocial model?

The biopsychosocial model assumes that health and illness are the result of an continual interaction between biological, psychological and social factors. This involves both macrolevel processes (for example the lack of support) and microlevel processes (deviations in cells).

Which developments have contributed to the development of health psychology?

There are several factors that have contributed to the rise of health psychology. Examples are the growth of lifestyle-related and chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases, the expansion of health care services and the the increasing acceptance of health psychologists within the medical community. 

What tasks do health psychologists have?

Health psychologists have different tasks. They develop theories and study the interaction between biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to health and/or disease. To study these interactions they use experiments, prospective research and search for links.The results of their studies can be used to prevent and treat diseases among the population such as epidemies.  

Another important task of health psychologists is to treat and supervise patients who are sick, including those who are suffering from psychological problems that can arise from being ill.


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