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Question 1

Which philosophical movement emphasizes the view that only matter exists?

  1. Epiphenomenalism
  2. Dualism
  3. Materialism
  4. Pan Psychism

Question 2

What Are Two Famous Names Linked to Behaviorism?

  1. Wundt and Skinner
  2. Skinner and Watson
  3. Wundt and Watson
  4. James and Skinner

Open questions

Question 1

What is meant by the philosophical movement "dualism"?

Question 2

Who is a known advocate of dualism?

Question 3

Of which three parts does the subconscious consist according to Freud?

Question 4

What is pan psychism's view of consciousness?

Answer indication MC-questions

Question 1

C. Materialism is a movement within monism. Supporters of this theory argue that only matter exists.

Question 2

B. Skinner and Watson. Watson was influenced by Pavlov, and Skinner focused on operant conditioning in particular.

Answer indication Open questions

Question 1

Theories tied to dualism hold that the world is made up of two things: the body and the mind.

Question 2

The most famous dualist is René Descartes.

Question 3

From the "id" (the biological desires and needs), the "ego" (all kinds of defense mechanisms), and the "superego" (all the unacceptable desires and needs that Freud said would be reflected in dreams).

Question 4

Pan psychists believe that mental operations are conscious in a way. The extreme version also believes that all elements (such as clouds and rivers) have some level of consciousness.

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