Why come to the Philippines?

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Why to come?

The Philippines is made up of 7107 islands of which only around 2000 are inhabited. Some of the uninhabited island are open to visitors and are of paradise like beauty. In the Philippines, you will find endless white, sandy beaches, great diving and snorkelling waters, stunning rice terraces and plenty great walking tracks and volcanoes to climb. The island nation has a rich cultural heritage, however, it suffers from great economic inequality which is something a visitor has to keep in mind.


  • Visit the Ifugao rice terraces in the north of the country. These terraces were hand cut in the hills and mountains by the Ifugao people at the turn of the twentieth century.
  • Check out the Chocolate Hills on Bohol Island. The approximately thousand, 50 metre high domes form a remarkable sight and are the source of many legends. One myth speaks of a fight between two giants who threw rocks and sand at each other, thus forming the spectacular hills.
  • Go diving or snorkelling. Apart from exploring the many impressive bays and reefs, for example those in Mindoro Island, you can go snorkelling with whale sharks in south east Luzon or discover the Japanese shipwrecks sunk during World War II around Coron Island.
  • Take a boat tour on the underground river at Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park on Palawan Island.
  • Visit Pagsanjan, a little village in the province of Laguna known for its many waterfalls.


  • Manilla, capital of the Philippines, is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and seeped in history, culture and a lively party scene.
  • Borocay, a small tropical island an hours’ flight from Manilla with plenty of entertainment, from diving and snorkelling to dancing ‘till the early hours.
  • Apo Island in Negros Oriental. This island is a protected marine reserve with beautiful coral reefs and marine fauna. Snorkelling and diving is allowed.
  • As the Philippines are edged by the Pacific Ring of Fire, it has an impressive collection of volcanoes within its boundaries. They offer good walks for hikers of every level, with Mount Taal being the easiest and persistently smoking Mount Mayon the hardest to climb.


  • The typhoon and rainy season lasting from June through October.
  • The ceaselessly crowing roosters.
  • Some parts of the country still suffer under the burden of sex tourism.

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