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In this book, we'll see how the fields of social psychology and organisations integrate with each other. The authors tried to bring people in both field together in a convention, and in this book they discuss the research those people have provided us with. There is a special interest in how the research in one field relates to the other field. Although there is a clear bond between both the social psychology and organisations, the relation between them stays implicit. The goal of the authors is to make this relation more explicit.

An understanding of work life

Almost all people spend much of their time at the workplace, mostly within organisations. We are not always aware of the different things that influence our work. The social interactions at work influence, among others, our thoughts and feelings. To have a better understanding of this, we can perceive this through the eye of a social psychologist.

Social psychology can be defined as a 'scientific attempt to understand and explain how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of other human beings' (Allport, 1954). The first concern of a social psychologist is either the individual, or the group. In organisations, both are represented, as well as the interaction between them. Organisations play a role in which dilemmas they present to their individuals and groups. At the same time they also contribute to the personal identities of their employees.

The best way managers can contribute to their company and personnel is to understand how people react to certain challenges and to understand how to help the employees to get into motion and to present their organisation with their best ideas. The field of social psychology can offer a lot of help into better understanding.

The social, and organisational research themes

In what way individual staff members perceive their organisations and organisational experiences? In what way this perceptions contribute to the organisation-related behaviour of the employee?

In what way members of an organisation interact while they are in highly interdependent contexts, what leads to relationships which can either be defined as competitive, cooperative, or conflictual.

The social setting and the culture of the organisation.

    Questions Chapter 1: Seeing organizations through the eye of a social psychologist

    How can the field of social psychology be described?

    How can organizations improve?



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