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Shape your career with ImmerQi's China education programs. If you want to intern in China, Immerqi has the suitable experience for you. ImmerQi is a well-established and dynamic Education company in China that creates and operates Programs that provide corporate and hospitality internships, teaching and volunteering opportunities.

ImmerQi: missie, betrokkenheid en duurzaamheid

World Supporter CV

Help & Inspire

  • ImmerQi is responsible for bringing thousands of international participants to join their programs, whereby they learn, develop and grow to understand the cultural divide between Western and Eastern countries.
  • ImmerQi believe it’s very important that organizations like ourselves use their reach, ability and resources to give something back to a community that has provided not only a culturally rich, diverse and interesting place to live, but amazing life-changing opportunities to participants who otherwise may not have been able to experience life abroad.
  • The China Internship Program (CIP) also contributes to the local community by working with organizations across several industries, including NGO’s. ImmerQi has provided several interns, who perhaps are interested in both business and volunteering, with positions within organizations in Beijing, some of which are charities.

Learning & Developing Talent

  • Interns who join ImmerQi China Intern Programme are not only helping Chinese organizations to become more internationalized, but improving their own outlook by gaining precious international work and life experience!


Products & Services CV

ImmerQi is a well-established and dynamic Education company in China that creates and operates Programs that provide corporate and hospitality internships, teaching and volunteering opportunities.


Kickstart your career; choose between:

  • Corporate Internship offering internships in a wide range of industries 
  • Hospitality Internship for students specifically studying hospitality
  • Internship possibilities in various large cities in China

Choose a corporate internship through Immerqi to develop your business skills and experience China


  • various teaching programs available whether you are taking a gap year, have a TEFL or have graduated from college.
  • teach & travel or full time teacher program

Au pair

  • The ImmerQi Au Pair China Program offers young people from around the world a unique, close-up look at Chinese life and culture.
  • Living with a local Chinese family, you will form a lifelong friendship and bond with your host parents and siblings.


  • Community Service Volunteer Projects: established for participants who want to be involved with and help local causes in China but don’t have a lot of time to commit.
  • Service Learning Volunteer Projects: aimed at volunteers who can commit to a longer period of time and/or have specialized skills or experience.


  • Mandarin and culture courses
  • China semester courses

Choose Immerqi for your Mandarin language course

Work & Internship CV



  • ImmerQi is regulary recruiting new employees; vacancies will be posted on their website.


  • There are no available internship options at Go International's office yet

Spotlight: program coordinator Beijing

  • Wanted: Program coordinator ImmerQi
  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Function: You will be working in the Teaching Programs area of ImmerQi, one of your core functions will be the Teach & Travel China Program. You will be responsible for: Operations Support, Training Period, Intern Management & Support
  • Conditions: must hold a Bachelors Degree - excellent verbal and written English language skills - previous experience living in China - working Hours: 40 hours a week; as the nature of this role is customer service orientated, you will be required at times to work outside of standard working hours to attend to tasks, for business travel and to deliver amazing service to our Program participants.
  • Useful and/or required competencies: - attention to detail, can work to deadlines, team player - great communication skills, service orientated and a problem solver - organised, proactive, lots of energy, enthusiastic to learn about the program operations and be hands on with all aspects of the program
  • Benefits: long-term position in China - international company that offers a friendly working environment - business travel within China - opportunities for promotion.
  • Procedure: Read more
    Organisatie: Contact & Lokatie
    Room 2201 Tower 2A, Pingguo Community
    32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District,
    Beijing, China, 100022



    ImmerQi: voordelen voor wie bij JoHo is aangesloten
    • JoHo members receive a €250 discount on any of the ImmerQi corporate internship programmes
    • to apply for this discount mention your JoHo subscription number when booking at ImmerQi
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    Activiteiten in het buitenland verzekeren
    Annuleren van een reis of programma verzekeren
    Backpacken in het buitenland verzekeren
    Medische werkzaamheden in het buitenland verzekeren: als arts, verpleegkundige, stagiair of vrijwilliger
    Risicovol werk in het buitenland verzekeren - van techniek tot landbouw
    Sportieve activiteiten en avontuur in het buitenland verzekeren
    Stage in het buitenland verzekeren
    Studie in het buitenland verzekeren
    Tussenjaar of gap year in het buitenland verzekeren
    Taalreis of taaljaar in het buitenland verzekeren
    Vakanties, korte trips en verre reizen verzekeren
    Vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland verzekeren
    Wereldreis of lange reis verzekeren
    Werken en reizen in het buitenland verzekeren
    Werken in het buitenland verzekeren
    Werken in het buitenland met dieren verzekeren
    Werken in het buitenland als digital nomad verzekeren
    Zakenreis naar het buitenland verzekeren
    JoHo: activiteiten in Nederland verbeteren
    Analyse & Onderzoek - van studie naar kennis
    Argumentatie & Logica - van cliché tot redenering
    Competentie & Vaardigheid: voor leren, werken en het leven
    Gedachte & Ideevorming - van brainstorm naar briljant idee
    Geluksgevoel & Contentie: bij leren, werken en leven
    Gesprek & Discussie - bij studie en werk
    Kennisoverdracht & Begrip: van informatie tot boodschap
    Keuze & Twijfel: van keuzestress kraken tot twijfel tackelen
    Talent & Aanleg: om te leren, werken en leven



    ImmerQi: reageren, solliciteren & informeren


    • Neem met deze organisatie contact op via de contactgegevens op deze pagina voor meer informatie of reacties op bovenstaande en onderstaande activiteiten, aanbiedingen, vacatures, stages en vrijwilligerswerkmogelijkheden


    ImmerQi: activiteiten- en vacatureselectie

    Alle vacatures en werkmogelijkheden voor betaald werk, stages en vrijwilligerswerk voldoen doorgaans aan een aantal criteria:De organisaties hebben doorgegeven 1 á 2 vacatures per jaar óf doorlopende vacatures en activiteiten beschikbaar te hebben + de vacatures zijn in te vullen door Nederlanders. Kom je een vacature of activiteit tegen die niet meer aan deze criteria voldoet, laat het JoHo dan even weten. Bij voorbaat dank!

    Vacatures en activiteiten van de organisatie

    Room 2201 Tower 2A, Pingguo Community
    32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District,
    Beijing, China, 100022







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