JoHo summaries in times of Corona

Stapel Summaries Samenvattingen
Wednesday, 13 May, 2020 - 20:35

Studying online

  • All JoHo summaries are or will be published as usual through or (JoHo)

Picking up summaries at the JoHo support centers

  • At a number of JoHo support centers it is currently possible to pick-up summaries with an adapted method:

    1. Add the summaries to your shopping cart at beforehand

    2. In the checkout process, choose to pick up the summaries at the JoHo support center Groningen, Leiden or Utrecht

    3. Then choose a day and time when you want to pick up the order

    4. After you have completed the order you will receive an email with confirmation and additional measures for the safe and responsible collection of your summaries.

    5. At the time you have chosen, you can then collect your order and take it with your PinCards for free or pay with your debit card.

Have it delivered at home

  • If you do not want to or cannot study online or use the pick-up options, you can also have printed summaries delivered to your home. You pay a fixed contribution for the shipping and processing costs of 7.50 euro per order and for JoHo subscribers the price per summary is 1 euro.


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