CareMed International Insurance - FAQ

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How much does the CareMed cost?

Travel Health Insurance

premiums age category (per day) 1 - 39 40 - 64
Travel health with € 100 deductible € 0,95 € 1,40
Travel health with € 0 deductible € 1,30 € 1,85
Accident Indemnity and third party liability € 0,22 € 0,22
Return Trip Emergency Insurance AND Luggage € 0,39 € 0,39


Travel cancellation insurance

  • Cover for trip cancelation (TC) can be requested seperately.
  • The TC insurance covers cancellation costs that occur if you are not able to travel abroad unexpectedly.
  • Covered events are, for example, acute illness of the insured person or one of the relatives, an accident or pregnancy. Insurance shall be taken out directly after booking the trip, but no later than 30 days prior to departure.
  • The premium is calculated by taking 2,9% of the travel sum, with a minimum of € 12,00.


Does travel insurance by CareMed offer the right insurance coverage for my stay abroad?

  • CareMed work and travel insurance is especially adapted to the needs of young travelers and those young at heart.
  • This travel insurance is the right choice for people with plans to go abroad for multiple weeks months or years.
  • Besides recreational travel, there is coverage for activities such as internships or volunteer programs, as well as during working holidays and study travel.
  • This insurance can cover you worldwide, regardless of your home country.


Is there a maximum period for CareMed policies?

  • The maximum insurance period for work and travel insurance is 24 respectively 13 months depending on destination and age of the traveler. Detailed information is shown during the online application.
  • Travel insurance should start the first day of traveling and should be active for the complete stay abroad.

Will CareMed travel insurance be accepted when applying for my visa?

  • Yes, your travel insurance by CareMed will be accepted for your visa application worldwide.
  • This is applicable for all working holiday visa (for example working holiday Australia, New Zealand and Canada), F1, F2, H2B, J-1, J2 and M1 visa for entry into the USA and Schengen Visa for Europe.

For which period should I take out the insurance if my travel dates are not clear yet?

  • Insurance coverage has to be taken out for the entire stay abroad.
  • Sometimes it is best to keep plans open en flexible. For the insurance, you do have to make a choice though.
  • If you do not know the enddate of your travels yet it is best to enroll for the maximum travel period. The maximum insurance period is either 13 or 24 months depending on insurance type.
  • Of course, reimbursment of the remaining months is possible if you return home earlier. 
  • Please keep in mind that renewal of insurance coverage cannot be guaranteed.

I have to cancel my plans. Is it possible to receive reimbursement for insurance premium already paid?

  • Prior to start of insurance cancelation is free of charge. You can send your request through your login area or by sending your cancellation request by e-mail.

My stay abroad has been extended. How can I prolong my travel insurance with CareMed?

  • In case that your travel plans change unexpectedly during your stay abroad, you have the option to request a renewal subject to the terms of insurance available at that time.
  • You can do this by logging in in your personal CareMed account.

Are there age limitations for taking out CareMed insurance?

  • Everybody older than 3 months and who has not yet reached the age of 70 can contract travel insurance with CareMed.
  • For ages 0-39 different premiums and policy conditions apply than for the age category 40-69.
  • For destination USA and Canada there is a minimum age of 6 years

Will CareMed insure me while being at work?

  • Yes, this insurance is made precisely for those people who wish to travel and be active in temporary jobs and volunteer work along the way.
  • There is always coverage for activities within the framework of a J-1, J-2 and H2B visa for entry into the U.S. or a Working Holiday Visa for entry into Australia or New Zealand.
  • Do take into consideration that this insurance is not meant for people who go abroad for a permant residence and career abroad but purely for temporary jobs and recreational activities.

Which is the maximum period for CareMed policies?

  • The maximum coverage is either 13 or 24 months depending on the policy conditions.
  • Please use the quote calculator to get detailed information about the policy suitable for your trip.
  • After this period, you have the option to extend your insurance period subject to the terms of insurance available at that time

What payment methods can I choose from?

  • The full amount for travel insurance can be paid by credit card or you can pay by direct debit from a German account
  • Payment occus either monthly or as one lump sum.

When do I get my travel insurance confirmation from CareMed?

  • You receive your insurance confirmation for download and print immediately after submission of your online application and payment.
  • On request, all documents will also be sent by e-mail.
  • If you created a login during your application process you will also have access to all insurance documents and useful information in your login area any time.

Last updated : 11 - 2019

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