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Family Tours

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Family Tour

  • This Tour is perfect for Families with children who would like to know more about the city and their residents. You have your own tourleader, who is familiar in the area. Children are able to ask all kinds of questions about the Philippines. You will walk through the Market area of Old Manila to get a taste of a true Filipino culture. All kinds of merchandise from local medicinal herbs, birds, flowers, candles, statues, clothing, fruit to digital gadgets can be found here. The Quiapo Church area is the place to take a peek at the daily life of every Filipino. Light a candle for your loved ones, like filipinos do. This Tour will give visitors a glimpse of a vibrant part of the Manila's streets. 


  • Quiapo Market: Get to try the various well known local fruits like Ripe Mange, Green Mango, Jackfruit and Lansones. Also try other locally made Filipino rice cakes named "suman" and "sapin-sapin".
  • Quiapo Church: Visit Quiapo Church, home of the Black Nazarene and surroundings of the church, the vibrant and busy streets of Manila, where you can experience the Filipino love for superstition.
  • Lacson Plaza: This monument is a tribute to Arsenio Lacson, the most popular city mayor.

What you need to know

  • AVAILABILITY: Check Schedule.
  • DURATION: 1-2 Hours.
  • MEETING POINT: McDonald's in Good Earth Plaza, UNDERNEATH the LRT- I Carriedo Station.
  • NOTES: Please share your wishes with our tour leaders, so all of you will maximize the fun and enjoyment.
  • PRICE: 85 euro per group of 2 adults and 4 children. Payment needs to be made before the start of the tour.
  • MAX: 6 people. There is no minimum group size.
  • INCLUSIONS: Food tasting during the tour, drinks excluded.
  • AMENITIES: There are paid toilets in the surrounding area.
  • CAMERA POLICY: You can take photos during this tour.
  • DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that Quiapo market can become – depending on the hour - rather hot, busy, noisy, dusty and will have unfamilar scents (some of it pleasant and some unpleasant), just like a lot of huge local markets elsewhere. What one person feels comfortable with can and might feel uncomfortable to another. To get the most out of this experience, do try to put your own standards aside when booking a Tour. Please contact us for more information should you have any further queries. We strongly discourage the use of strollers/prams for practical reasons.