1. Choose first if you like a PUBLIC GROUP Tour   or a PRIVATE (GROUP) Tour 
  2. Check the Block with the Available and Blocked Tour Dates.
  3. Note: Bookings are maximum 3 months ahead. Bookings can only be done, at least 3 days before the Actual Date of the Tour.
  4. Fill in the Personal Data on the Submission/Reservation Form.
  5. Fill in the Number of Attendees & their Name(s).
  6. Answer the service questions
  7. Pick the Tour(s) of your Choice.
  8. Pick the Available Date(s).
  9. Repeat your Choices.
  10. Proceed to Payment * (or use your JoHo membership for Complimentary Tours).
  11. Receive Two Confirmation Emails: 1. Confirmation of Reservation and 2. Confirmation of Payment.
  12. Your Reservation is Valid and your Booking is made.
  13. Within Three days, you will receive an Email with the Tour Details, Meeting Point(s) and Phonenumbers of our Tourleaders (in case of Emergency).
Please check your spam folder, if you have not received a message. Or email us.
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice

What is the difference between the Public Group Tour and the Private Group Tour?

Available & Blocked Tour Dates

Available & Blocked Tour Dates

Check the Tour Schedule

  • Due to the COVID-19 we have closed down our operations until further notice
  • We will check every end of month, if we can continue our operations
  • We will announce it on our website and here, when there are any updates


  • Check here the Day/Hour/Tour Availability
  • Reservations can be made maximum 3 months ahead
  • NO Bicycle Tours available
  • 09:00 AM Slum Tour
  • 02:00 PM Family Tour
  • 02:00 PM Cemetery Tour
  • 09:00 AM Slum Tour 
  • 02:00 PM Market Tour
  • 09:00 AM Slum Tour
  • 02:00 PM Cemetery Tour
  • 09:00 AM Slum Tour 
  • 02:00 PM Market Tour
  • 09:00 AM Slum Tour
  • 02:00 PM Family Tour 
  • 02:00 PM Cemetery Tour
  • 09:00 AM Slum Tour
  • 02:00 PM Family Tour
  • 02:00 PM Market Tour
  • 09:00 AM Slum Tour
  • 02:00 PM Family Tour 
  • 02:00 PM Cemetery Tour

Check the Blocked Dates (No Availability)

Explanation & Latest news
  • Please take note you can book Maximum 3 months ahead
  • In this calendar, you will see per Month which tours are all Fully Booked (= No Availability)
  • These No Availability tours are without reservation options
  • Either Public Group Tours during the AM (Slum Tour) or PM (Cemetery Tour, Family Tour, Market Tour) or ALL day
  • Bicycle Tours are NOT available


  • Whole month of september - NO tours


  • Whole month of october - NO tours


  • Whole month of november - NO tours


  • Whole month of december - NO tours


  • Whole month of january - NO tours




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