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  • JoHo World Summaries aims to create a worldwide e-learning community for the sharing of free knowledge. World Summaries specifically supports students in developing countries in Africa, South-America and Asia by giving them access to knowledge that is easily available in the Netherlands. As a network organisation JoHo connects suppliers in Western countries with users in developing countries via an online platform. Suppliers and developers of content contribute on a voluntary basis. By offering free or cheap educational material JoHo believes that (higher) education can become increasingly accessible to everyone.

  • JoHo World Summaries provides students in developing countries with access to an extensive overview of online course material and summaries of (the classic) books within a large number of disciplines. If certain course material is needed these students are able to request summaries from students in developed countries through the online platform.

  • JoHo World Summaries is an educational initiative of the JoHo Foundation. JoHo is an International NGO based in the Netherlands which aims at promoting international cooperation and knowledge exchange. JoHo started twenty years ago as a local youth foundation for educational support. The organisation still offers a wide variety of educational support products to students in the Netherlands, however the focus of the organisation has shifted more towards international cooperation. JoHo now has approximately 50,000 members and the JoHo network consists of JoHo support centers in more than 30 countries

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