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 Summary Shops

  • Summary Shops are overview pages per study or study year where you can get choice assistance for all JoHo summaries and study assistance, where you can check whether the online and printed summaries are already present and where you can pick up or order printed summaries.

 How does it work in short

  1. Check the Advice & Summaries for tips on the course and an overview of the summaries and study assistance
  2. Join JoHo as a JoHo member  for discounts and full access on JoHo WorldSupporter.org
  3. Join JoHo as a JoHo subscriber  to study online and pick up JoHo's for free at the JoHo support centers
  4. Come by or order online if you do not want to become a JoHo member or subscriber

 What can you find in a Summary Shop?

  • Advice & Summaries:
    • In the Advice & Summaries you can find briefly which and when summaries and study assistance can be used for you online and on print and which are useful, necessary or essential
  • Summaries Overview:
    • At Summaries Overview you can find a comprehensive overview of the full range of summaries and study assistance related to a course.
  • Choice Assistance
    • for summaries: here you will find where and how you can find summaries of study books and whether you can choose from different types of book summaries such as short (BulletPoint) and long book summaries
    • for articles: here you will find where and how you can find extracts from the prescribed articles for your course
    • for course and lecture notes: here you will find everything about the course, the exam, which online notes are available and / or a sheet note with the most important points is present at the lectures
    • for taking exams: here you will find practice questions, exams, ExamTest and ExamTickets for your course
  • Subscription bundle with online chapter summaries
    • here you will find summaries that can be studied online by JoHo subscribers. The summaries are put together per chapter to facilitate studying and so that you can keep your required chapters in your personal account
  • Shop bundle with printed summaries
    • here you will find all printed summaries that you can purchase via the webshop and have it delivered to your home. This service is especially for those who cannot or do not want to use the sponsored printed summaries or online summaries
  • Additional study assistance & study tips
    • here you can find more summaries to improve yourself and to prepare for the exams
  • Order summaries & Delivery:
    • Under Order summaries and study assistance you can find all printed summaries that you can purchase via the webshop and have delivered to your home. This service is especially for those who cannot or do not want to use the sponsored print summaries or online summaries
  • Join JoHo as a member & subscriber:
    • If you join JoHo (for less than 1.50 a month!) you can study online for free all year round and pick up a minimum of ten summaries for free thanks to the sponsoring of JoHo partners

 Legend Advice & Summaries

- Tips & Advice

- Useful

- Required

- Essential

- Present

- Expected

- Uncontrolled material or material submitted lately

- External website link to look further and continue studying

- Pop up link to quickly navigate on joho.org

Footprints & Tips

  • When you have found what you were looking for, save your pages in your own account.
  • Anyone who is logged in as a JoHo member or subscriber can see his or her favorites at the bottom of every online page of the website or what he or she still needs to study.
  • You can leave these footprints on every page where you are so that you can easily find your way back next time.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

  • You can use the summary menu at the bottom of any Summaries Shop or search by author or title via one of the search fields.
  • You can also go to the home page of summaries and study assistance.
  • All important study fields have their own Topic pages (in Dutch) where you can find more about the background of the study field, summaries of the most important textbooks, related vacancies, related internships abroad and other useful information. You can find these Topic pages via the menus.
  • You can pose a question by telephone or the online contact form



  • Crossroads lead you through the JoHo web of knowledge, inspiration & association
  • Use the crossroads to follow a connected direction


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