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How can I apply for a JoHo membership?

How can I apply for a JoHo membership?

  • To support JoHo and receive various discounts and services in return you can become a JoHo member, starting from 5 euros per calendar year.
  • You can apply for a JoHo membership by filling out the application form  online or in one of the JoHo support centers.
  • JoHo memberships are continuous and the annual contribution is for the period of one calendar year (1st of January until the 31st of December regardless of moment of registration).
Where can I find information about discounts and services?
Which projects are supported by JoHo members?
WorldSupporter: What is JoHo Worldsupporter?

WorldSupporter: What is JoHo Worldsupporter?

Worldsupporter Website

JoHo WorldSupporter

  • You Facebook about your private life, use LinkedIn for your career. But where do you share everything you do, think and initiate for a better world? That's what WorldSupporter is for!

  • WorldSupporter is an online community in which individuals and organizations inspire and help each other on a local and global level

  • You can share and find everything there is to help someone else, travel responsibly, study well, develop yourself and work for an organization that cares for a better world

  • You can gain knowledge, share experiences, answer questions, post comments, and publish your own WorldSupporter CV

  • You can share your summaries, photos, blogs, magazines, events, sustainable recipes and tips for others

  • You can meet involved Supporters from over 150 countries and help making the world around them a better place

How can I change my support and membership?

How can I change my support and membership?

  • As a JoHo member it is possible to change your membership to make use of more, or less, services and discounts.
  • If you would like to add a subscription  you can use the link to add it directly (as a member).
  • For changes you can also use this form  (in Dutch) or the contact form  (if you have problems filling in the change form in Dutch).
  • When you add a subscription it's always for the current calendar year, regardless of the moment of upgrading. For the current calendar year you only pay the difference between your current and new subscription.
  • Cancellations are processed at January 1st of the next calendar year. Until then you can make use of the services and discounts of your current subscription. 
How to stop your JoHo support?

How to stop your JoHo support?

  • JoHo memberships and subscriptions are continuous until cancellation. 
  • Cancelling your JoHo membership and subscription for the next calendar year can be requested up to one month before the end of the current calendar year.
  • Regardless of the moment of cancellation you'll get the discounts and services untill the end of the current calendar year.
  • Would you like to support JoHo and yourself? Then you can also choose to cancel your subscription, but to support JoHo via a yearly donation (5 euro/year).
  • A JoHo contribution (membership and/or subscription) can be cancelled by filling in the form . The form is in Dutch. Select 'Donateurs + abonnementsbijdrage beëindigen ' to cancel your membership. Your cancellation will be processed automatically.
JoHo: bundel begrijpen

  Hoe werkt een JoHo Bundel (pagina)

  • Bundels zijn verzamelingen (vaak links) van pagina's rond een specifieke vraag of onderwerp
  • Bundels werken als navigatietool

Welke soorten bundels zijn er?


  • Verzekeringsbundels: verzameling van content rond verzekeringsadvies of verzekeringsaanbod
  • Abonnementsbundels: verzameling van content rond advies of services voor JoHo abonnees en donateurs
  • Shopbundels: verzameling van artikelen die besteld kunnen worden

Persoonlijke bundels

  • op vrijwel elke pagina kun je onder de 'Footprints' de 'Add to my pages' optie vinden. Daar kun je pagina's toevoegen aan je eigen verzamelingen en bundels. Deze bundels met jouw bewaarde pagina's kun je vervolgens onderaan vrijwel elke pagina terugvinden als je bent ingelogd als JoHo donateur of abonnee.


  • Boekbundels: verzameling van chapters die tezamen de samenvatting van een boek vormen
  • Studiebundel: verzameling van content die hoort bij een specifiek vak of een studiefase


  • Verzameling van content die behoort bij een topic en themapagina


  • Verzameling van content gericht op een specifiek proces of actie (bijvoorbeeld een vacature zoeken of een vak bestuderen)

Toolbundel voor abonnees

  • Verzameling van content met toegang of services voor JoHo abonees
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  • Crossroads lead you through the JoHo web of knowledge, inspiration & association
  • Use the crossroads to follow a connected direction


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