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as a volunteer, intern or paid teacher

TEFL weekend dates

TEFL weekend dates 2022

Dates are subject to change due to circumstances concerning COVID related restrictions. You can temporarily choose the 'flex' option for free in your application form.

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Level 3 specialization modules

There several types of level 3 specialization modules, for example:

Grammar module (30 hours)

  • It is one thing to speak English fluently yourself, but you also have to be able to explain the grammar rules of English to a non-native speaker and make him understand it. The online grammar course (20 hours, 5 hours per module) helps you to not only thoroughly know the English grammar rules yourself, but also to be able to clarify these to your students.

Teaching Young Learners (30 hours)

  • Designed for TEFL students who are planning to teach children between the ages of 6 and 12. Learn key  skills such as motivation techniques and how to give someone their first English lesson. If you’re going to be teaching children aged between 6-12 years old, you’re going to love this cheeky little module. It’s designed specifically for young learners.

Teaching English One-to-One (30 hours)

  • When you start teaching abroad, you will always find opportunities to do private lessons and earn extra cash. Learning what to do with your first one-to-one student is essential for any first time teacher. You can earn plenty of extra cash when TEFLing through private lessons with students. Learn how to effectively develop your first one-to-one student in this essential module.

Teaching Business English (60 hours)

  • Perfect for people who plan to teach more advanced students with the aim of helping them to develop their communication skills for business: An expanding and extremely lucrative market. Help students with advanced English skills and develop their abilities to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern world for business purposes.

Lesson Planning (30 hours)

  • How do you ensure that your lessons are inspiring and a valuable experience for your students? This module provides you with the tools to plan and prepare effective lessons for students of all ages.

Teaching online (30 hours)

  • Learn how to successfully present yourself as an online teacher. You will acquire the skills you need to be able to teach online effectively and you will learn about the practical aspects of distance teaching. After the course, you will also know how to market yourself as an online teacher!

Teaching Teenagers (30 hours)

  • Teaching teenagers can be quite a challenge. Learn how to capture the interest of your students, how to motivate them and how to keep order in a pleasant way, so that you are more confident in front of the class.
Level 5 specialization modules
  • There are two specialization modules that can be taken with a level 5 course: one-on-one & online, and teaching business English (both 60 hours).
  • In one-on-one & online you will discuss the specific skills required to be able to teach students personally, such as drawing up a personal lesson plan and giving reflection, both face-to-face and online.
  • Teaching business English is centered around teaching adults and learning how to improve students' English skills in networking and business negotiation.
  • The level 5 specializations can only be followed in combination with the level 5 180 hour online course.
What is a TEFL course?
  • TEFL literally means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. In a nutshell, a TEFL course is a training program which gives you the skills and confidence you need to teach English as a foreign language to children and adults.
  • The course is given completely in English, and consists of various modules that aim to develop didactical skills and the educational methods of teaching the English language to non-native speakers.
  • The TEFL certificate is recognized worldwide so you can show future employers that you possess the necessary skills to teach English.
  • The demand for English teachers has been increasing for years and with a TEFL course you improve your chances to find a paid job significantly.
  • There are several TEFL courses to choose from: from online courses to courses with a practical weekend. You can also extend your course with short modules if you want to specialize in for example grammar or teaching specific age groups. 
TEFL courses & modules

The TEFL course consists of a combination of various modules.

Online TEFL Course

  • With this 'job ready' professional course you will do the basic course and develop your skills. This will help you to deepen your lessons, make them more interactive and deal with different student levels. Moreover, it helps you to market yourself as a TEFL teacher.

Add a practical weekend

  • The practical weekend is a quick way to gain a lot of practical experience. Under the guidance of a professional teacher, you will go over and practice practical situations with your fellow students using the “10 core teaching skills”. The TEFL teacher helps to instill in you the confidence and skills that make you a good TEFL teacher.
  • With a group of up to 20 students you work through practical teaching situations during two days (Saturday and Sunday) and  make a reflection assignment afterwards.
  • When applying for a TEFL combi course, you immediately choose the dates on which you want to participate in the practical weekend.

Add specialist courses

  • There are some lucrative TEFL jobs out there, and they're looking for the right people with the right training to fill them. That’s why there is a range of specialist modules, designed by our expert TEFL tutors, which give you extra training to fulfil the current needs of the TEFL world and to boost your potential salary.
  • Whether you're just starting out on your TEFL journey, or you've finished your TEFL course already, these specialist modules will benefit you. You don't even need to be enrolled in one of the TEFL courses, you can still benefit from this additional training.
Teaching Tips

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  • Math
  • Language
  • Games
  • Geography
  • Sports
  • Computer Skills
  • Health


Courses & Costs


Can I pay for the TEFL course in terms?
  • You can only start your TEFL course once full payment has been received.
  • Paying for the course in terms would mean that you can only start the course after you have paid the last term, so it is not more beneficial than paying everything at once. Therefore, paying in terms is not possible.
What is included in the TEFL course price?
Overview of the online and combi TEFL courses

Level 5 courses - NEW! And temporarily with discount

Combined TEFL course (online + weekend course + specialist courses)

  • 200 hours combi course:  = 180 hours online + weekend course =>  € 318,- regular price €477,-)
  • 260 hours combi course: 180 hours online + weekend course + one-to-one & online  => €358 (regular price €537,-)
  • 320 uur combi course:  180 hours online + weekend course + one-to-one & online + Business English => €398,- (regular price €597,-)

Online professional course (180 hours) + specialist courses

  • 180h online TEFL course =>  € 238,- (regular price €357,-)
  • 240h online TEFL course: 180 hour online + one-to-one & online => € 278,- (regular price €417,-)
  • 300h online TEFL course: 180 hour online course + one-to-one & online + Business English =>  €398,- (regular price €477,-)

Level 3 courses

Combined TEFL course (online + weekend course + specialist courses)

  • 140 uur combi course  = Online TEFL course + weekend course =>  € 335,-
  • 200 uur combi course (120 hour online course + weekend course + 2 specialist courses => € 347,-
  • 320 uur combi course (120 hour online course + weekend course + 5 specialist Courses => € 385,-

Online professional course (120h) + optional specialist courses

  • 120h Online Professional course =>  € 179,-
  • 180h Online 120h Professional course + Young Learners + Grammar => € 239,-
  • 300h Online 120h Professional course + 5 Specialist Courses => € 295,-

Specialist TEFL courses (separate, level 3)

  • Awareness of Grammar  => € 29,-
  • Teaching English One To One  => € 29,-
  • Become an Online Tutor => € 29,-
  • Teaching Business English => € 54,-
  • Teaching Young Learners => € 29,-
  • Teaching Teenagers => € 29,-
  • Lesson Planning  => € 29,-         
Can I also book separate modules or add modules to my course after I got started?

Level 3

  • If you are following a TEFL course or already finished one you can book extra course modules. You can add these directly through your own online TEFL account.
  • For the separate modules you receive different log in codes. This means you also have separate course time to finish the modules.
  • Do you only want to follow a specialization module, that is possible. However, you don't receive discounts for JoHo members on the specialization modules.

Level 5

  • The level 5 modules can only be booked in combination with the 180 hour online course.
Can I extend the online TEFL course?
  • You can extend the standard course duration by 15, 30, 90, 180 or 365 extra days.
  • This is possible both when booking, during or even after the course.
  • You can book the extension within your online course environment, where you can also immediately see the costs.
  • You need a credit card to book the extension. No credit card? Please contact us at info@joho.org for the possibilities to make the payment via JoHo.
Can I change the date of my TEFL practical weekend after the booking?
  • It is possible to change the chosen date of the practical weekend.
  • There are costs involved, the amount of which depends on when you request the change:
    • more than 30 days before the practical weekend: € 39.95
    • 15-30 days before the practical weekend: € 89.95
    • less than 15 days before the practical weekend: full costs of the practical weekend
  • Please contact JoHo to request the conditions and report any changes. Note: If you want to change your weekend, it is useful if you immediately enter a new date.


Advice & Choice Assistance


Is the TEFL course accredited and acknowledged worldwide?
  • The online TEFL courses available via JoHo are developed by a prominent international TEFL language institution. This language institution has its headquarters in Great Britain and is accredited by the ODLQC (Open and Distance Learning Quality Council).
  • The ODLQC was originally established by the British government and focuses on quality of open and distance learning. The ODLQC has examined and approved the quality of the TEFL course and continuously checks the quality of this course.
  • TEFL certificates are acknowledged worldwide. This means that after succeeding the course, you can start working as English teacher at thousands of schools and language institutions worldwide.
What is the difference between TEFL, TESOL, CELTA and TESL?
  • The actual difference between TEFL, TESOL, CELTA and TESL is very small. TEFL stands for 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language', TESOL stands for 'Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages', CELTA stands for 'Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults', and TESL stands for 'Teaching English as a Second Language'. 
  • In many countries around the world, employers ask for a TEFL certificate when you want to teach English (this can be a TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or TESL certificate). 
  • In some countries, for example in Southern Europe, a practical course (TESOL/CELTA) is requested. This is an intensive 4-week course, which will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work as an English teacher. The course is specifically for those who would like to pursue a career in TEFL. 
What is the difference with online TEFL courses I find elsewhere?
  • The creator of this course was the first to offer a complete TEFL-course online. It is still possible to do the entire course online, as long as you have internet access.
  • A difference with other (partly) online courses is that with TEFL you do not have to download big files, like you still see in other courses.
  • As TEFL has teachers worldwide, there is always a teacher available in your time zone who can give you quick, efficient and constructive feedback. This also applies if you do the course (partially) abroad.
Advice TEFL courses

What the most suitable TEFL course is depends on what you're planning to do with the course and your previous work experience. It is important to know that the number of hours of your TEFL course or participation in a course weekend is reflected on your TEFL certificate, and will therefore be an important factor for a potential employer in assessing your competence. So, when you choose for a less extensive course you will need to be able to compensate this with other experience or knowledge.

  • In search of a well-paying job? Take the intensive level 5 course: The level 5 course gives you a highly regarded certificate that opens doors for the higher paid TEFL jobs in popular and diverse destinations. If you are pursuing a career in TEFL, this certificate greatly increases your chances on the TEFL job market.
  • Temporary or voluntary work as an English teacher: With the level 3 course you will learn the basic principles and skills to teach English. The course is particularly suitable if you plan to teach for a relatively short period (1 to 2 years) or voluntarily.
  • Need practical experience? Combine the online course with the practical weekend: The practical weekend gives novice teachers the opportunity to put the learned theory into practice and is therefore virtually indispensable for anyone with limited teaching experience.
  • Increase your chances of a job: Increase your knowledge with specialization modules: You can supplement the online and combi TEFL courses with so-called specialization modules for further deepening. Specialization modules help you to specialize in teaching specific target groups. These are therefore useful for both experienced and inexperienced teachers to follow, in order to increase the chance of a job.
Which TEFL course is suitable for me?

For students looking for a well-paid teaching job abroad:

  • Level 5: 320 hours combi course (180 hours online + weekend course + specialization modules)
  • or Level 5: 300 hours online TEFL course, if you already have teaching experience outside or in language teaching. 

For students looking for a voluntary or temporary teaching job abroad:

  • Level 3: 120 hours online TEFL course to learn the basics of teaching the English language
  • Level 3: 140 hours combi course, when you also need practical training with language teaching
  • Level 3: 320 hour combi course, if you want to specialize in multiple target groups

For students who want to teach English in China (paid):

  • Level 5: 200 hours of combination course including practical weekend (and relevant specialization modules)
  • the minimum requirement is often the Level 3: 120 hours online TEFL course, which can be extended with specialization modules 
What is the difference between a Level 3 and a Level 5 TEFL course?
  • The main difference between a Level 3 and Level 5 TEFL course is that the Level 5 course consists of more intensive training with more challenging assessments.
  • With both Level 3 and Level 5 courses you can teach worldwide, but a Level 5 course will in general open doors to higher paid jobs at more competitive locations.
  • A Level 3 course is specifically suitable for those who would like to teach English for a relatively short period of time (1-2 years). If you are planning to pursue a career in teaching English, a Level 5 course is probably a better fit.
  • Level 5 courses (and also Cert TESOL and CELTA courses) are equivalent to a Foundation Degree qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) for England. 
Are practical teaching situations also part of the online course?
  • There is no active teaching element in the online course, but it does contain video's of a teacher in a classroom which you will analyze.
  • Besides, you have the possibility to participate in webinars through your online course account.
What is the difference between the online TEFL course and the practical weekend?
  • In both courses you will gain a lot of skills and develop confidence to teach abroad.
  • The online course is better suited for people who can easily take in a lot of written information and who like to carry out assignments independently in their own time.
  • The weekend course, on the other hand, focuses more on people who prefer an interactive lesson, and who want to be involved in practical situations. You follow an intensive course and get to work with your fellow students. Hereby you gain teaching experience in practice.
  • The weekend course is therefore a good addition to the online course for anyone who wants to try out the gained knowledge, such as feedback from lecturers or practicing situations, in practice.




What can I do if I loose my certificate?
  • For a small fee you can request a duplicate of your certificate through your TEFL account.
Does my certificate expire?
  • No, the certificate enjoys worldwide acknowledgement and accreditation and has no specific 'expiration date'.
  • On the certificate the date (month/year) on which you completed the course is mentioned. It is suggested to keep training your teaching skills, your theoretical knowledge and practical experience, because the value of your certificate depends on your CV and the kind and amount of work experience (voluntarily or paid) you have had after the TEFL course.
How will I receive my TEFL certificate?
  • After you successfully completed a module of your TEFL course (the basic course or a specialization module), you will receive a digital certificate (in pdf) of that specific module. You can download these certificates via your online TEFL account. Do not forget to download and save these certificates before the access to your TEFL account expires.

  • Within about four weeks after finishing the complete TEFL course, you will also receive a combined certificate with all the course modules you have completed (per mail). The amount of hours of your TEFL course and the date on which you finished the course will also be stated on your certificate.
  • Important: You will only receive this combined certificate if you have successfully completed all modules of the course and also filled in the questionnaires after finishing all course modules.
When does the TEFL course officially start?
  • After booking an online or combi TEFL course, you will receive an email with log in codes for the online part of your TEFL course.

Level 5

  • The moment you receive the email with log in codes is the moment your online course offically start. Note: You don't have to activate the course first to start the course time.
  • If you want to start at a later time, mention this in your booking form.

Level 3

  • The moment you click on the link in the email with the log in codes your online course offically starts. From that day you have 70 days (10 weeks) time to finish the 120h online course. For the specialization courses you get separate course time.
  • You can start the course at any time after you receive the log in details. If you want to start a few days (or weeks) later, just wait to click on the link until you want to start the course.


Are there any admission requirements to be able to participate in a TEFL course?
  • The only requirement is the ability to speak English.
  • There is no test for this at the start of the course, but keep in mind that you will be standing in front of a class room one day, so a good level of English is essential.
  • Furthermore, the course is available for all ages and education levels.
What kind of feedback will I receive during the course?
  • During the online course a teacher will be appointed to you who will give feedback on your assignments of each module. After having received positive feedback you can proceed to the next module. Your teacher also is your contact person during the course.
How long will it take until my assignments are revised?
  • Assignments will be revised and provided with feedback from your own teacher within seven working days. However, you will usually receive your feedback earlier. 
  • If you want to ensure that your assignments are revised within two working days you can purchase 'express marking' through your online TEFL account. 
Do I need to save the assignments I completed in the online course?
  • After your access to the online course has expired, you will also lose access to all information and assignments.
  • If you want to save them, for example as a helpful tool for preparing a class later on, make sure you save the assignments on your computer or to print them before your access has expired. There is an option in the course menu on the left to directly print the assignment or save it to your computer. 
  • To avoid losing the work you have been doing for the assignments, try to make the assignments on your own computer. When you are finished you can copy and paste the assignment to the online course and send it to your teacher. This way you can avoid losing your work halfway through and having to start over. 
Will there be an examination at the end of the TEFL course?
  • No, there will not be a final exam to finish the TEFL course. During the online course you have to finish each module with an assignment, which will be revised by your teacher. You can proceed to the next module once your assignment is approved by your teacher. This way you work from module to module.
  • When you have finished all modules of your course, you will receive the TEFL certificate. In the unlikely event you only complete the basic module and not the grammar and/or specialization modules, you will still receive a certificate of the basic module.
What kind of facilities do I need to be able to do the online course?
  • You need to have a PC, Mac, Ipad or smartphone with internet access.
  • To be able to watch the videos, Adobe Flash Player has to be installed on your computer.
  • If you have a fairly new computer with a fast internet connection, you will not have any problems.


After the Course: Looking for a teaching job abroad


Where can I teach with a TEFL course?
  • The TEFL certificates are internationally recognized, which means that you can teach all over the world.
  • There are of course differences between and within regions in the number of possibilities and the basic conditions. 
Who teaches with TEFL?
  • TEFL tutors do not need to be native English speakers and can originate from anywhere in the world.
  • With a TEFL certificate you can show employers that you are qualified to teach English and that you have a good command of the language, which will improve your job chances significantly.
  • In some countries TEFL tutors are required to have a degree (in any subject) but there are also many countries where you can find a well paid teaching position without one.
What are the Teaching Hotspots?


  • China is one of the largest and most important economies in the world, which makes English an important language in business. English has also become the second most important language in schools.
  • Currently over 300 million Chinese are learning English, so it is not surprising that most teaching jobs can be found in China. 
  • A TEFL certificate and a bachelor's degree in any subject are required if you want to teach English in China.
  • Would you like to work in China as an English teacher? Contact China Plus - they can mediate for free (!) in getting a well paid job as an English teacher in China.


  • Cambodia is a country that is developing rapidly, with a growing demand for English teachers.
  • There are many job opportunities at private schools and language schools. Teaching English to business people is very popular in Cambodia.
  • In addition to a TEFL certificate, schools often ask for a certificate of good conduct when you apply for a TEFL job. 


  • The level of English is quite low in Spain compared to other European countries. Therefore, there is a big demand for English teachers in Spain.
  • Many Spanish job seekers are trying to increase their prospect on the labor market by learning English.
  • Spain is a popular destinatiton for TEFL teachers and there is a lot of competition. For this reason, employers often prefer teachers who have completed an intensive practical TEFL course instead of teachers with only an online certificate. 

Latin America

  • The demand for English teachers in Latin America has already been high for years due to increased economic growth. 
  • Countries with a lot of opportunities for teaching English are, among others, Brasil, Ecuador and Chile.
  • In Brasil there are opportunities at big companies and thousands of language schools throughout the country; from small villages to big cities. In Ecuador and Chile you can start teaching in one of the many language schools in these countries.
  • A TEFL certificate is normally required to be able to teach English in Latin America, as schools would like to see proof that a teacher is actually qualified to teach.


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The 180 hour online course and the 200 hour combi course include the following specialisation modules: grammar + teaching young learners.

The 300 hour online course and the 320 hour combi course include the following specialisation modules: grammar + teaching young learners + teaching one-to-one + lesson planning + Business English.

The 320 and 300 hour course include the specialisation modules: teaching one-to-one & online and Business English.

The 260 and 240 hour course include the specialisation module teaching one-to-one & online.

You only need to tick the specialization modules separately if they are booked separately (so they are not part of a bundled course with fixed specialization modules).
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