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Travel & Backpack

Tours & Training Desk 

  • The Tours & Training Desk offers information & booking facilities for fair tours & courses on talent development and local culture.
  • The aim is to contribute, share knowledge, experiences and skills &  to stimulate mutual understanding in the world.

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Help & Inspire


The Children's Museum

Learn & Study




Language Courses

  •  Language Courses papiamento?  visit the JoHo support center on the island


  • JoHo World Summaries provides students in developing countries in Africa, South-America and Asia with an extensive overview of online course material and summaries within a large number of disciplines. As a network organization, World Summary Bank connects suppliers in Western countries with users in developing countries via an online platform. Suppliers and developers of content contribute on a voluntary basis. By offering free or cheap educational material, World Summary Bank believes that (higher) education can become increasingly accessible to everyone.
  • Summaries contain bulletpoints with the most important parts of a book. This enables students to get a deeper understanding of the texts that they have to read and alumni to refresh their knowledge.
  • By providing free or cheap online access to summaries worldwide, JoHo World Summaries stimulates more people to study, graduate and be able to find a job. This contributes to the international development of talents and skills.
  • JoHo World Summaries works with study-assistants and authors. Study-assistants are students that support JoHo World Summaries by finding out about which summaries students/alumni would like to read. Authors and editors are students or alumni that are further in their studies, write summaries and take care of the quality and language of the summaries.
  • Read more, request a summary or apply to become a study-assistant or author.

 Work & Job Hunting

Career Courses

TEFL Training Online

  • Are you planning to Teach English as a Foreign Language? Or are you looking for a new challenge?
  • JoHo offers quality TEFL courses for everyone who wants to gain teaching skills in English!

 Why take a (online!!) TEFL course?

  • Be well prepared when taking on a paid or unpaid TEFL job abroad.
  • Increase your chances of finding a job abroad with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate.
  • Get the confidence to step into your first classroom as a teacher by doing a comprehensive TEFL course.
  • Boost your earning potential by completing the industry standard of 120 hours of TEFL training or more.
  • Take your TEFL course with an internationally recognized and accredited provider.

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Emigrate & Immigrate


Emigration & Immigration desk

  • The JoHo Emigration Desk offers support for those that want to emigrate or temperory move to Curaçao. Expats and emigrants can ask advice about arranging their stay on the island.