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.. het krediet waarmee jij kan investeren,

in je persoonlijke ontwikkeling of internationale samenwerking ..




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JoHo Credits

Wat zijn JoHo donateurscredits?

JoHo donateurscredits

  • Het aantal JoHo donateurscredits laat zien wat jij in de loop der tijd hebt bijgedragen aan JoHo en de JoHo projecten in het buitenland.
  • Het aantal credits loopt gelijk op met de bijdrage die jij als donateur en abonnee aan JoHo hebt afgedragen.
  • Daarnaast kun je als JoHo donateur extra credits opbouwen door via JoHo je verzekeringen te laten lopen, trainingen te volgen of bijvoorbeeld via een JoHo partner in het buitenland te gaan helpen.
  • Heb je eenmaal meer dan 50 credits bereikt dan kan je zonder extra kosten van verschillende donateursabonnementen gebruikmaken en komen er ook exclusieve aanbiedingen tot je beschikking.
  • Donateurscredits bouw je op vanaf 2020, daarvoor kan je nog gebruikmaken van kortingscredits (zie de bijbehorende chapers en pagina's over kortingen).


Wat kun je met de JoHo donateurscredits doen?

  • Donateurscredits zijn bedoeld om aan te geven dat JoHo en alle betrokkenen aan de projecten jou zeer erkentelijk zijn voor jou bewezen diensten van de afgelopen jaren.
  • Daarnaast zijn ze bedoeld om jou in staat te stellen of te laten kennis maken met services op het vlak van persoonlijke ontwikkeling en internationale samenwerking waar je anders maar moeilijk toegang toe zou krijgen.
  • Hoe hoger het aantal credits dat je in de loop der jaren hebt opgebouwd des te meer jij gebruik kan maken van exclusieve voordelen bij JoHo partners (denk aan trainingen en talentontwikkelingstools) .
  • Heb je eenmaal meer dan 50 credits verzameld, dan kan je ook zonder abonnementskosten gebruikmaken van de verschillende JoHo donateursabonnementen.

Smokey Slum Tours


Slum Tours in Manila that will change your Life...
...and the Life of your Tourleader...

JoHo Smokey Tours

Extra JoHo Credits verzamelen

Bijdragen aan de doelstellingen van JoHo

Je kunt op meerdere manieren bijdragen aan de doelstellingen van JoHo:

  • Door donateur te worden
  • Door een abonnement af te sluiten
  • Door je reis-, zorg- of inboedelverzekeringen via JoHo af te sluiten
  • Door artikelen via JoHo te bestellen of in een JoHo support center af te halen
  • Door trainingen en programma van JoHo of JoHo partners te boeken en te volgen
  • Door je kortingscredits (Pinpoints) jaarlijks niet in te zetten maar aan het einde van het jaar te laten verlopen of eerder te doneren

Of je nu ruim of beperkt gebruik maakt van de voordelen die jou als JoHo donateur worden geboden, je draagt sowieso bij aan de doelstellingen van JoHo. Alles wat je via JoHo doet, komt niet alleen ten goede van jezelf maar ook van een ander.



Projecten & Partners

JoHo projects & Initiatives

Develop experience, Experience development


Main theme: Global Citizenship

  • Through various promotional, incentive and advisory activities, young people, and nowadays also older people, are made aware of all kinds of possibilities of being abroad and getting involved in development. On the one hand by partner organizations in the Netherlands and abroad, and on the other hand by JoHo support centers in developing countries.
  • Annually, more than 1,000 projects are provided with manpower, funding and other resources through JoHo partners abroad. Because of these projects tens of thousand of children receive education, childcare and teaching materials. Hundreds of disadvantaged young people get the chance to start a study, setup their own business or access free (health) insurances. Hundreds of aid workers are supported when realizing their activities.

JoHo Support Centers

Main themes: Choice Improvement and Sustainable Tourism

  • Through preparation, awareness and advisory activities, backpackers and travelers are encouraged to act fair during their stay abroad. Besides that, they get inspired to use -where possible- organizations that also have proven to be "sustainable" and "world supporting'

  • Meanwhile, more than 1 million travelers and backpackers use the information activities of JoHo through JoHo support centers

Smokey Projects

Main themes: Talent Development & Community Based Tourism

The Smokey Tours

  • Smokey Tours are not just tours. They offer experience, believing that deep experience equals deep insight. The tours are unique and honest; a testimony of changing times and our global interconnectedness. All tours are guided by well-trained local Smokey Tours tour leaders, from underprivileged communities to running eye-opening tours around Metro Manila
  • All tour leaders are part of the JoHo Insurance for Talent Programme which assures them and their families of Health Insurances.
  • Smokey Tours hopes to bring societal change in our communities, either small or on a much bigger scale. It is a huge goal, and they work in small steps. It is not easy, and sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes not at all.

The Smokey Health Center 

  • Providing positive and meaningful impacts on those living in the slums have been the goal since the inception of Smokey Tours. We have distributed relief goods and given qualitative training on health and disaster preparedness that will surely help the slum community cope with the daily challenges that they face. Cooperation and coordination with non-government organizations, people’s organizations and concerned individuals have been vital in successfully addressing these short to medium term social issues as we race to reach our goal.

The Smokey Art & Work Center

  • We believe that mental illness is nothing more than an illness, nothing more, nothing less. That it is not a mental disability if the person affected can function in society provided the illness, like all other illnesses, is properly managed. 
  • In a society that is increasingly becoming insensitive to the plight of people with mental illness, we have taken the cudgels to promote the advocacy of eliminating all shame and stigma and creating a support group for artists with mental illness and their caregivers – Boxless Society.  

The Smokey Library


JoHo World School Bank

Main theme: Knowledge Sharing

  • JoHo World School Bank materials: a multimedia initiative facilitating pupils and students to donate their school materials, extracts and excercises (written in English or Spanish). These materials are made available to pupils and students in developing countries, both online and (partly) in print.

  • Read more


JoHo WorldSupporter

Main themes: Global Citizenship & Knowledge Sharing

  • A community website for those who actively want to work for a world where everyone, independent of origin, can lead a good life. Anyone can contribute to the community, by creating a profile (resume), and by blogging about activities and experiences that contribute to global citizenship.

  • The main goal of this multimedia platform, for and by 'supporters', is to exchange knowledge internationally and to make already invented wheels more available

  • JoHo WorldSupporter Magazine operates as a multimedia initiative with WorldSupporter blogs, songs, stories, recipies, advice, statements, photos and videos about global citizenship at work, on holiday, at school or in leisure time.


Millennium DO

Main theme: Global Citizenship & Integration

  • "Millennium Do" encourages and facilitates young people to inspire others, through their own global citizenship, to actively contribute as well. Apart from that, Millennium Do stimulates talent development of young people.

  • The program is focused on the millennium development goals and practical ways to achieve these goals.

  • The program ran between 2011-2015, with a preceding similar program (called "JoHo Xplore") between 2005-2009.

  • Initiative in The Netherlands

JoHo World market & travel pawn

Main theme: Collaboration & Sustainable Tourism

  • Worldsupporter Market is a thrift store where used or surplus travel items are offered for sale, via the Web and in JoHo support centers

  • Initiative in The Netherlands

  • Read more


JoHo WorldSupporter is funded out of three sources:

  • contributions of JoHo donors
  • contributions through JoHo activities
  • contributions from sponsorships and grant

Direct effects

  • Already more than 1 million travelers and backpackers used the available information in the JoHo support centers
    or got inspired by the activities of JoHo and JoHo members
  • Already more than 11 million online visitors use the choice advice and other tools for sustainable and fair experiences abroad
  • Since 2002 +/- 20,000 supporters went on the road using JoHo's services. On average they donated 575 euro as a direct contribution to the various projects. Locally one spent an average of 300 euros at local small sized companies. Through the contributions of intermediary organizations an extra 300 euros per person is put into the local economy. On an annual basis, this adds up to more than 2.000,000 euros.
  • Annually, more than 1,000 projects are provided with manpower, funding and other resources through JoHo partners abroad. Because of these projects tens of thousand of children receive education, childcare and teaching materials. Hundreds of disadvantaged young people get the chance to start a study, setup their own business or access free (health) insurances. Hundreds of aid workers are supported when realizing their activities.
  • The "Millennium Do" participants reached with their fundraising for their projects an amount of > 1 million Euro

Indirect effects

  • An average of 50,000 friends and family members are directly involved in JoHo member activities through social media and direct contact.
  • 30% of these friends and relatives plan to become active themselves too, in the Netherlands or abroad.
  • 1% of these friends and relatives actually visit them and spend another 850 euros on average.

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Membership: Cashbacks & Crediteringsformulier


Wat kun je doen met het Cashback- & Crediteringsformulier?

  • Je cashback aanvragen na het afsluiten van een verzekering via JoHo, door je JoHo kortingscredits in te zetten
  • De extra JoHo donateurscredits aanvragen die je kunt krijgen na het afsluiten van specifieke verzekeringen,  of na één van de aankopen via JoHo of een JoHo partner


JoHo credits aanvragen

  • Extra JoHo credits worden in principe automatisch toegevoegd aan je account.
  • In enkele gevallen gebeurt dit niet automatisch  en kan je hier de aanvraag indienen


* Cashbacks

  • Afhankelijk van je type abonnement kun je als JoHo abonnee per kalenderjaar je JoHo kortingscredits inzetten als cashback op je afgesloten of lopende reis- & emigratieverzekeringen. Één kortingscredit is daarbij 1 euro waard (NB: het cashbackbedrag kan nooit hoger zijn dan de betaalde premie).

** Reisverzekeringen

  • Doorlopende reis & annuleringsverzekeringen: je kunt je JoHo kortingscredits na het ingaan van je verzekering inzetten voor een cashback. Ook voor reeds lopende reis- & annuleringsverzekeringen kun je je kortingscredits inzetten (mits je gedurende de looptijd van de verzekering nog JoHo abonnee bent).
  • Bij reisverzekeringen die niet doorlopend zijn en voor een bepaalde tijd worden afgesloten (zoals de Special ISIS) kun je 1 kortingscredit per verzekerde week inzetten (mits je gedurende de looptijd van de verzekering nog JoHo abonnee bent). Vraag de cashback aan nadat de helft van de looptijd van je verzekering verstreken is.

*** Credits