• JoHo has emerged from the foundation established in 1987 Student Services
  • What in the early nineties was a local youth organization in the field of educational and career support, has grown into an interest group with a global network of stores and websites.
  • Through the establishment of global stores (support centers), networks and Internet platforms, JoHo wants to encourage people and organizations and support in the areas of knowledge, decision-making and talent development.

Organization  structure

  • The JoHo group is driven in the Netherlands by the JoHo Foundation
  • The JoHo company is a social enterprise, as a part of the JoHo group it has its main focus on international  insurances and retail. The income of the JoHo Company  is used for 100% to enable the objectives of the JoHo foundation
  • The JoHo Foundation has a general basis and does not belong to a particular political or religious movement
  • The JoHo Foundation chooses to stay independ and not to apply for ANBI status or comparable regulations

Common values ​​and JoHo culture

  • tolerance and respect for others (cultures)
  • solidarity, sympathy and friendliness
  • practical, pragmatic and independent
  • non-materialism and internationally involved
  • young or young at heart
  • equal gender distribution
  • multicultural
  • trial and error environment
  • joy in uncertainty and unknown final destinations
  • getting energy  from talent development
  • satisfaction at a facilitating role in an organization out of the spotlight
  • inspired by the journey and not the destination

JoHo Internal Organization

  • JoHo has a network (process) organization structure. The core of this is that the structure is derived from how people want to work and not vice versa. Attributes that correspond to the different network organizations (and largely also apply to JoHo) include:
  • no organization around structures and functions, but around processes (highly variable) roles
  • important role for coaching (learn to function independently) instead of direct leadership by a direct supervisor
  • emphasis on informal rather than formal participation
  • direct feedback from colleagues and coaches instead of performance and assessment interviews
  • Intensive use of an internal network (intranet / changing workplaces / informal consultations)
  • emphasis on entrepreneurship and self-initiative instead of hierarchy and bureaucracy

JoHo data

JoHo Foundation

  • Stichting Jongerenprojecten op het gebied van Onderwijs, Hulpverlening & Ontwikkelingssamenwerking  / JoHo Foundation; Youth Projects in Education, Assistance and Development
  • Adress: Paviljoensgracht 18, Den Haag
  • ING: NL74INGB0004527327
  • KvK Rijnland: 28100479
  • VAT number: NL813450317B01
  • Email:

JoHo Company

  • Adress: Paviljoensgracht 18, 2512 BP Den Haag
  • KvK Rijnland: 28076644
  • VAT number  NL806487100B01