Smokey Projects - The Waste Recycling

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Smokey Baseco Recycle Workers Project

  • In September 2018, Smokey partnered with the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) to help the Baseco community to manage their waste in a sustainable manner. The Garbage Recycling Project hired three garbage collectors: Gerry, Roger, and Rondolfo, to collect and segregate the garbage within the area.
  • The recyclable waste such as plastic bottles and metal are taken to junk shops in exchange for money and the compostable waste is made into fertilizer. So far this project has been successful and we have seen a change in our area of operation in Baseco. The streets are a lot cleaner! We hope that when our 6 months duration is up, the residents would have better appreciation with regards to recycling and cleanliness. After the initial period the garbage collectors own the carts that they use so that they would no longer need assistance from us. This would free us to finance another batch of garbage collectors and collecting carts and so expand the project to another area within Baseco.

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