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Psychology - JoHo World Summaries

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Selection of available summaries - Psychology

JoHo's on Psychology

Applied social psychology: Understanding and managing social problems by Steg & Buunk

Social Psychology and Organizations by De Cremer, Van Dick & Murnighan

Introduction to Developmental Psychology By Slater & Bremner

Work in the 21st century: An introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology by Landy & Conte 

Sensation and Perception by Coren & Ward

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Basics and Beyond by Beck

Psychopathology. Research, Assessment and Treatment in Clinical Psychology by Davey

Learning the art of helping by Young

JoHo's on Statistics for the Behavioural sciences

Applying Regression and Correlation by Miles and Shevlin

Statistical Concepts by Lomax and Hahn-Vaughn

Introduction to the Practice of Statistics by Moore & McGabe 


Psychology - University of Groningen


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