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Foundations & Social Enterprises

  • If you run a foundation and/or social enterprise, please make use of JoHo's Business Membership system
  • Under this system, fees and costs have been reduced considerably to facilitate a lot of smaller (and sometimes bigger) colleague organizations making use of The World of JoHo.
  • With a Business Membership also organizations with smaller budgets can profit from exposure in JoHo channels and JoHo facilities
  • Channels and facilities are being offered at, or sometimes even under, cost price.

Projects aimed at International Development

  • If you run an international development project or business, please make use of JoHo's Business Membership system and/or use JoHo's fee World Supporter platform
  • Are you an individual JoHo member? You can support your favorite international aid project through your membership, by transering facilities and services of your membership to this organization


  • With several media JoHo partners on a barterdeal basis. This is a type of partnership where none of the two organizations pays or charges fees, or where lowest possibile fees are calculated.
  • Starting-point within these kind of deals is that organizations work cost neutral and organizations exchange equally: advertorial-advertorial, banner-banner, flyer-flyer, etc.

Student organizations

  • Do you run or participate in a student organization? Please make use of JoHo's Business Membership system to promote your organization in JoHo channels.
  • Or contact with your business proposition.


Memberservice: Make personal notes

Ben je JoHo abonnee dan kun je je eigen notities maken, die vervolgens in het notitieveld  worden getoond. Deze notities zijn en blijven alleen zichtbaar voor jouzelf. Je kunt dus aantekeningen maken of bijvoorbeeld je eigen antwoorden geven op vragen

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