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  • With a lot of organizations JoHo cooperates on a barter deal basis. This is a type of partnership where none of the two organizations pays or charges fees, or where lowest possibile fees are calculated.
  • Starting-point within these kind of deals is that organizations work cost neutral and organizations exchange equally: advertorial-advertorial, banner-banner, flyer-flyer, etc.


  • Organizations can sponsor JoHo initiatives like World Supporter and The World Summary Bank.
  • Organizations can sponsor JoHo partner initiatives like Smokey Projects.

Subsidy requests

  • JoHo is a non-profit organization with limited usage of subsidy facilities.
  • JoHo is always willing to have a look at joint subsidy requests, as long as there is a focus on talent development and international cooperation.

Link exchange

  • Link exchanges are possible, JoHo has a special link exchange page.
  • Most of all links are being exchanged with organizations offering a special value or discount for JoHo members.

Media and JoHo logos

  • Are you thinking about supporting JoHo and promoting JoHo among your clients or visitors?
  • Please use JoHo logos, banners and texts of JoHo's media page.


Memberservice: Make personal notes

When you are a JoHo member, you can make your own notes, which will then be displayed in the 'notes' field. These notes are and will only be visible to you. So you can make personal notes or, for example, give your own answers to questions

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