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  • Take some time to consider the effect on your finances when planning a move abroad: create a financial plan.
  • Prepare an emigration budget, taking into consideration your current financial status and also make projections of different scenarios. See also “the cost of emigration”.
  • Research the economic situation in your new country. Are they financially stable, what about inflation, what’s the unemployment like, what is the cost of living?
  • Find out about banks, does your bank operate in this country? What’s the process of opening a bank account? Is there anything you can do now to speed things up? Do you need to hold on to your current account, set up online banking, organise international payment options and new credit cards?
  • Find a financial and tax consultant, preferably specialised in or with extensive knowledge of the country your moving to. Set up a financial plan including pension and future arrangements for your children’s education Find out about tax rules and regulations, even though your future employer may take care of most things.
  • Research local health care and health insurance arrangements. Is it beneficial to set up your own insurance? Are local health insurance packages sufficient? What are the local hospitals and GP surgeries like?
  • Research local and international insurance options such as homeowners, liability and legal expenses insurance.
  • Find out about protection against online and identity fraud. What are the risks, well known schemes and traps, internet safety, how secure are the banks and ATMs? Are your current precautions adequate?
  • Cancel any standing orders well before you leave and double check with your bank which ones are still active. Cancel contracts and check notice periods.



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