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  • You may be unhappy with all the green spaces disappearing to make room for new houses, the lack of jobs or with society as a whole, that doesn’t always mean emigration is the solution of choice. General dissatisfaction about one’s life and role in society can sometimes be tackled by moving to another part of the country or choosing a more meaningful, satisfying or charitable career.
  • Moving abroad doesn’t necessarily have to do with being fed up with everything that’s happening in your own country but it can be a factor in people’s decision to turn their backs on the home country for pastures new. Temporarily or indefinitely.

Reasons to move abroad at a glance

  • Wanting to leave your home country;
  • Economic circumstances & employment situation;
  • The wish to see more of the world, chasing adventure and that long cherished dream;
  • Improving one’s quality of life;
  • To be able to spend more time with friends and family;
  • Following your heart;
  • Personal development;
  • Security both personal and economic.



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