The Goals & Initiatives

Smokey Goals, Projects and Initiatives

  • Smokey Tours hopes to bring societal change in our communities, either small or on a much bigger scale. It is a huge goal, and we work in small steps. It is not easy, and sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes not at all. 
  • To know more about what we do, read our Newsletters, ask our Freelance Tour Leaders or email us and see how you can be a part of it. 
  • We try to do the things the best way we can, and we always try to find ways to be more Sustainable.
  • Thank you all very much for supporting us!

The Goals

  • Smokey Tours aims to improve the living conditions in Baseco’s almost unreachable areas.
  • Providing positive and meaningful impacts on those living in the slums have been our goal since the inception of Smokey Tours. We have distributed relief goods and given qualitative training on talent development, health and disaster preparedness that will surely help the slum community cope with the daily challenges that they face. Cooperation and coordination with non-government organizations, people’s organizations and concerned individuals have been vital in successfully addressing these short to medium term social issues as we race to reach our goals.

The Projects & Initiatives

  • Due to COVID-19 and safety concerns, we have discontinued our tours and our projects. Our freelance tourleaders are taken care of, with allowances so they have some funds until they find other work. 
  • In 2020, we have started working together with Project Propel more closely, to exchange skills and talents. Smokey Tours has helped with our tourleaders to start the Talent Development in the slum community that Project Propel supports.
  • Another project with Project Propel is the start of the Floating gardens in area of mangroves of the PRCMO in Baseco as livelihood of 10 families with the goal of Nutrition. Due to COVID-19, the project is on hold. 
  • Furthermore, Business/families in charge of water filter system have been selected in partnership with Project Propel and through ocular assessment with the following criteria: Each resident was hand selected due to their community reach, accessibility, and proximity to water hose/source. 10 Families and their communities can have life long clean water, which will decrease diseases and the families can drink cheaply more clean water.
  • In 2019, after we have done a Baseline study in Baseco. We have focussed our Energy on Talent Development. We want to help people help themselves, to gain confidence and to be able to provide for their families. We give Talent Development Programs in Baseco, with the goal that people can find a paid job.
  • In 2019 with donations we have funded our Baseco Recycle Worker Project, where we have trained 6 Baseco Recycle workers and their communities. After 6 months, they were able to function by themselves, with the tools needed, saved and partly funded, like a Tribike or a cart to pick up Garbage.
  • In 2019 we have started after the fire disaster to give loans to community members, with coaching and money, they are able to rebuild their businesses and to provide for themselves. 


  • In 2018 we continued our Efforts in the Community in Health Projects, we support a group of 45 pregnant ladies. With folic acid and with skills training regarding healthy food, living and breast feeding. 
  • In 2017 we opened a Health Center - for the people of - Aplaya in the barangay Baseco, Manila. Aplaya is the part of Baseco that hardly receives any help from NGO’s because of its remote and isolated location. The Health Center has been a place where individuals and/or families can go to check on their physical and mental well being, for medical consultation and treatment and/or to obtain medicines - if necessary. The goal is to improve the conditions of the people of Baseco by treating diseases or illnesses and providing them with clean water, so they will be able to avoid water borne diseases. The local Health Workers are visiting the community to check and help the weak and sick people. 



The Slum Tours


Smokey Tours Social Impact


Our Freelance Tour Leaders

  • We empower, train and give livelihood to people from impoverished areas to run safe and eye-opening tours for our guests in Manila. Our Freelance Tour Leaders are an example in their communities; they learn, learn to take the lead and help others. It has been a journey to teach our Freelancers work ethics and to coach them finding a future job somewhere else. Smokey Tours wants to be a stepping stone for our Tour Leaders, after 2 years they make place for new Tour Leaders.

Our Guests

  • We aim to raise awareness about social issues and to bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds. Our Slum Tour in particular gives our guests a chance to experience something unique. We hope to plant a seed in their conscience so that they think about the world and about helping out. 

Our Communities

  • We use 100 % of the profit of the Slum Tour to improve the living conditions in underprivileged communities. We work towards the goal that our communities are equipped and empowered to create social change for themselves and others. We focus on Talent Development and we want to empower them and to help them to help themselves, so that they may learn to stand independently.
The Job & Talent Development Center


Smokey Job Center & Talent Development

  • In 2019, we have started a small Job Center in Baseco, so we can inspire and help, people to help themselves.
  • We will recruit and train more Freelance Tour Leaders, and they will help the community with their Talent Development.
  • In slum communities, as in any other place, are a lot of people with talents and skills, you will see.
  • It is just a way of helping others to discover their talents and to help people to find a job, with job application training and intensive coaching and guidance.

Smokey Baseco Recycle Workers Project

  • In the last quarter of 2018, we have started together with the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC): the Baseco Recycle Workers Project.
  • Every 6 months, for the duration of 1,5 years, 3 Recycle Workers will be paid and trained to segregate and recycle waste.
  • Together with the households in their own communities, trainings on Solid Waste Management are given. 
  • After 6 months, the Baseco Recycle Workers own their own cart and can provide for their own Livelihood.
The Waste Recycling


Smokey Baseco Recycle Workers Project

  • In September 2018, Smokey partnered with the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) to help the Baseco community to manage their waste in a sustainable manner. The Garbage Recycling Project hired three garbage collectors: Gerry, Roger, and Rondolfo, to collect and segregate the garbage within the area.
  • The recyclable waste such as plastic bottles and metal are taken to junk shops in exchange for money and the compostable waste is made into fertilizer. So far this project has been successful and we have seen a change in our area of operation in Baseco. The streets are a lot cleaner! We hope that when our 6 months duration is up, the residents would have better appreciation with regards to recycling and cleanliness. After the initial period the garbage collectors own the carts that they use so that they would no longer need assistance from us. This would free us to finance another batch of garbage collectors and collecting carts and so expand the project to another area within Baseco.
The Community Library


    • The Community Library collects educational books to freely lend to the kids in BASECO, by creating a habit for reading, kids may eventually elevate themselves from their impoverished state of affairs.
    • Smokey is supporting by soliciting guests to donate books and funding to build shelves and a roof for all the books, to be kept safe and dry. 
    • In the Community Library are also activities being held for the kids, like origami by our Japanese volunteers, remedial teaching by our Dutch volunteers, reading and writing by our own tourleader(s)
    The Health Center



      The Health  Center

      • Bearing great news last 2017, all the planning and hard work bore fruit as we established our health center in collaboration with the residents of the slum of Baseco. On 13 May, the newly constructed community health center began its arduous task of attempting to treat about 4.000 adults and children for the first 12 months and consequently increase the number as the years progress. This is approximately 15-20 residents a day, 6-days a week. As we provide free health care to the people, we will also provide them with skills and knowledge to avoid and prevent diseases and to be able to live healthy lives in the best way possible given their dire situation. Smokey Tours also provides a livelihood to community trained health care workers who would otherwise be peeling garlic for a living and earning a measly PhP 60 a day.



      The Art Center

      Smokey Art Center: Boxless Society

      • The Boxless Society will help the community in Baseco with art workshops, with the goal to discover Talents of the residents.
      • In a society that is increasingly becoming insensitive to the plight of people with mental illness, we have taken the cudgels to promote the advocacy of eliminating all shame and stigma and creating a support group for artists with mental illness and their caregivers – Boxless Society.  
      • We believe that mental illness is nothing more than an illness, nothing more, nothing less. That it is not a mental disability if the person affected can function in society provided the illness, like all other illnesses, is properly managed. 
      • Now on year 3, we are once again pleased to offer an exhibit opening, that will allow you a peek into their inner world and challenge you to rethink your concepts and attitude towards mental illness. The exhibit will be every year in the Netherlands and the Philippines.




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