Smokey Tours - Slum Tour

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Slum Tour

  • Visit the slums of Bataan Shipping and Engineering Company Compound or simply BASECO.
  • Discover the resiliency of the residents making use of their limited resources for them to survive.
  • Experience and understand the developing slums by the bay – their livelihood, battling produce from pollution and as residents with mutualism for change.
  • Stroll on alleys and see residents in their humble dwellings overcoming the challenge of protracted access for water and electricity.
  • Delve deeper on the atrocities that these residents are engaging each day and see how they manage to keep their enthusiasm for tomorrows and uncertainties it bears.


  • Fishing Industry: Understand the battles slum fishermen are facing because of pollution
  • Charcoal Making: See how charcoal is produced from drift woods
  • Residential Areas: Walk through the locals’ houses and learn their condition
  • Slum Beach: Experience the grey sand beach of Baseco
  • Public Transportation: Experience public transportation in the Philippines as the tour leaders take you on a jeepney and tricycle

What you need to know

  • Availability: Check the schedule.
  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Costs Public (Group) Tour: 23,50 euro per person (max +/- 6 guests).
  • Costs Private (Group) Tour: 68 euro per group of 1-2 guests, 120 euro per group of 3-4 guests, 150 euro per group of 5-6 guests.
  • Inclusions: All form of public transportation used to follow the route of the tour.
  • Amenties: There are Western toilets available at the start and the end of the tour.
  • Camera Policy: Please note that we have a strict NO CAMERA policy on this tour. We try to be as less intrusive as possible and at the same time to minimize any discomfort our tours can cause to the locals. Please understand this and respect our policy.
  • Warning: There are areas that could be really muddy. Please wear closed shoes. We will provide rain boots.

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