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How can I find the JoHo summaries and study assistance?

How can I find the JoHo summaries and study assistance?

Do you want use online Summaries and study assistance?

1. Go to the JoHo Summary Shops  of your study(year)

  • Here on the World of JoHo website ( you will find all summaries and study assistance that JoHo has made for you via the Summaries Shops
  • These summaries and assistance have been compiled per subject and field of study to optimally support you in passing your courses and to allow you to delve further into your study.

2. Check the JoHo Advice and Summaries per course

  • In the JoHo Summaries Shops you will find JoHo Advice & Assortment Guides per subject

  • Check the Advice & Assortment Guides for tips on the subject and an overview of the range of published and expected summaries and study assistance

3. Check the Course and Book Tools for your courses

  • In the Course and Book Tools you will find all summaries, bullet summaries, exam tests and training and extra study assistance collected per course or per book

  • Become a JoHo subscriber  or log in to study and take notes immediately

Do you want to use print summaries?

Pick up prints at one of the pickup counters (for JoHo subscribers)

  1. Go to JoHo Summaries Shop  of your our study(year)
  2. Check the JoHo Advice & Assortment Guides
    • In the Advice & Assortment Guides you can see whether the Print summaries for your courses have already been published or are still expected
  3. Go to the Printshop for your field of study
    • You can find the Printshop with all printed summaries per year or per block in the Summaries shop of your our study(year)
  4. Log in and check your Pinpoints
    • Request extra Pinpoints if you don't have enough
  5. Add the printed summaries to your shopping cart
  6. Choose to pick up at a pickup counters (pick-up at convenient location) at JoHo or at your study association
  7. Check the pick-up times and pick up your order

Have prints sent to your home adress

  1. Go to JoHo Summaries Shop  of your field of study
  2. Check the JoHo Advice & Assortment Guides
  3. Go to the Printshop for your field of study
  4. Log in as a JoHo subscriber to use your Pinpoints or order with a discount
  5. Add the printed summaries to your shopping cart
  6. Choose for shipping to your home address
  7. Pay with Ideal, Paypal or Credit card
  8. The summaries will be sent within a few working days.
Summary Shops for international students in the Netherlands - Bundle

Summary Shops for international students in the Netherlands - Bundle

Summary Shop Economics & Business Economics - University of Groningen
International Business: UG Groningen - Toolshop
Psychology: Bachelor 1 UvA Amsterdam – Toolshop
Psychology: Bachelor 2 UvA Amsterdam – Toolshop
Psychology: Bachelor 3 and Masters UvA Amsterdam - Toolshop
Psychology: English Bachelor 1 RUG Groningen - Toolshop
Psychology: English Bachelor 2 RUG Groningen - Toolshop
Psychology: Bachelor 3 & Masters RUG Groningen - Toolshop
Psychology: IBP Bachelor 1 LU Leiden – Toolshop
Psychology: IBP Bachelor 2 LU Leiden – Toolshop
Psychology: Bachelor 3 & Masters LU Leiden - Toolshop
Psychology: UT Twente – Toolshop
Summary Shops for international students in the Netherlands - Start


Study & JoHo WorldSupporter


WorldSupporter: What is JoHo Worldsupporter Project?

WorldSupporter: What is JoHo Worldsupporter Project?


Worldsupporter Website 


The WorldSupporter Project

  • You Facebook about your private life, use LinkedIn for your career. But where do you share everything you do, think and initiate for a better world? That's what WorldSupporter is for!

  • The JoHo WorldSupporter project is an online community in which individuals and organizations inspire and help each other on a local and global level

  • You can share and find everything there is to help someone else, travel responsibly, study well, develop yourself and work for an organization that cares for a better world

  • You can gain knowledge, share experiences, answer questions, post comments, and publish your own WorldSupporter CV

  • You can share your summaries, photos, blogs, magazines, events, sustainable recipes and tips for others

  • You can meet involved Supporters from over 150 countries and help making the world around them a better place

How can I use JoHo WorldSupporter for my studying?

How can I use JoHo WorldSupporter for my studying?

Your study, your knowledge, your personal development, your WorldSupporter

  • On the JoHo WorldSupporter platform you can, among other things, share international and local summaries and exchange experiences with your fellow students. You will find magazines from students, student organizations and many other Supporters who want to help each other

  • Summaries, exercise materials and notes that you can use for your studies are shared through these magazines

  • You can also share your knowledge on the platform and use your personal development to help others with their studies and careers. For example, you can share your self-made summaries or post your best study tips

  • Most of the JoHo practice materials and lecture notes can now also be found on WorldSupporter to contribute to a world of knowledge sharing and personal development


Partners & Projects


Partner selection: Work & Intern abroad

Stage Global

Stage Global bestaat uit Stage-USA, Stage-Australia, Stage-Euro en Stage-Asia. Ook bemiddelt Stage Global voor stages op Mauritius. Stage Global biedt verschillende internationale exchange programma's aan, onder andere op het gebied van: stages, afstuderen, traineeships, short training en au pair programma's. De programma's zijn voor studenten en young professionals en er zijn mogelijkheden op veel verschillende studiegebieden en in diverse werkvelden.

Stage Global is an internship agency, founded in 2010, with several programs in the US, Australia, Europe and Asia for students and young professionals.


StudyTravel bestaat uit een vast team enthousiaste medewerkers, allen met buitenlandervaring. Je kunt er terecht om verschillende talen te leren zoals Italiaans, Duits, Chinees, Portugees, Russisch, Frans, Engels, Japans en natuurlijk Spaans! Daarnaast zijn er mogelijkheden voor een tussenjaar of een stage. Heb je bij StudyTravel geboekt dan kan je via JoHo een deel van je lesgelden terugkrijgen.

On-Stage Latin America

On-Stage Latin America, founded by two Dutch people in 2006, wants to contribute to both the sustainable development of the countries in which it operates and that of its clients. On-Stage mediates in internships and work experience places, volunteer work and Spanish courses.

Partner selection: Accommodation & Hostels

Partner selection: Accommodation & Hostels

Fumba Beach Lodge

Fumba Beach Lodge is onderdeel van Moivaro Lodges & Tented Camps en is een sfeervolle accommodatie op een afgelegen locatie aan de Zuidwestkust van het eiland Zanzibar.

Tower Bridge Hostel

Tower Bridge Hostel is an intimate hostel located near Carrizalillo beach in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.


Insurances for activities abroad


Travel insurances & International insurances: introduction

Travel insurances & International insurances: introduction

Travel insurances

  • A long trip is the adventure of a lifetime and will broaden your world view. Experience what it is like to live in a different culture and let it change you, for the better! Meet new and interesting people, make life long friends and be awed by totally different cultures and traditions.
  • Let those pictures of breathtaking views and chilled out crowds be an inspiration for your trip. JoHo is here to encourage you to make it happen but to also be prepared for the stressful sides of traveling. A change of diet (and not to mention hygiene) may upset your stomach. Something unexpected might happen back home that may cut your travels short. JoHo can help you find the tools to deal with these situations and be prepared for both the up- and the downsides of travelling!
  • A crucial part for a carefree journey is a good travel insurance. On this page you can read more about JoHo's travel insurances for backpackers and (longterm) travellers and what to look out for.    

Why should you take out specialized travel insurance for a long trip abroad?

  • Regular travel or health insurances often only cover trips for a maximum number of days (for example 60, 90 or 180 days). This limits your flexibility!
  • Your health insurance from back home may not offer any coverage abroad or only in specific hospitals.
  • During a long trip you might undertake special activities like paid work or volunteering. Regular travel insurances usually don’t cover these kind of activities. The same goes for adventurous sports like skydiving, scubadiving and bungee jumping.

Options for travel Insurance for a long trip abroad

Insurance for talent

International JoHo Insurances

JoHo Insurances provides advice on international insurances to everyone who goes abroad for a long time. Worldwide, for emigration, work, study and travel.

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Contact & Insurance Advice



Online & Mail: use the contactform

Tel & Appointments +31 (0)88-3214567 (Monday-Friday 12.00-16.00)

JoHo support centers in NL: The Hague & Leiden

Why Insurances through JoHo

Why Insurances through JoHo

  • Specialized: in emigration, work, internships, study and travel abroad.

  • Service: JoHo offers multiple travel insurances by multiple companies. Thanks to JoHo's extensive experience, it can offer support in case of problems with insurers, as well as advice and fast and personal handling.

  • Safe: JoHo is recognized as a trustworthy intermediary for insurances.

  • Social: by purchasing an insurance through JoHo you provide a talented student in The Philippines with health insurance

Why Should You Take Out A Travel Insurance?

  • The chance of getting injured or ill is generally higher than when you would have stayed at home. The medical care you will need can be very expensive, even more so if you are treated in a private clinic.

  • If you have to fly back because of family circumstances, the flights might be more expensive than your original flight because you have to fly on short notice.

  • You might have to deal with the damage, loss or theft of your luggage.

  • In case of emergency it can be difficult to figure out what to do. A good travel insurance will have an assistance team on standby for you 24/7 and will be able to tell you what steps to take.      

Why Should You Specifically Take Out A Travel Insurance For A Long Trip Abroad?

  • Often regular travel or health insurances only cover trips for a maximum number of days (for example 60, 90 or 180 days). 

  • Depending on your home country, your health insurance might not offer any coverage for treatment abroad.

  • During a long trip you might consider specific activities, like paid work or volunteering. Regular travel insurances often don’t cover these kind of activities. The same goes for adventurous/ hazardous sports like skydiving, scubadiving and bungee jumping.

More on why to use JoHo

  • JoHo is one of the few organisations  where you can directly purchase a comprehensive range of foreign insurances from a variety of insurers. As with our other products and services, we believe that you should be able to choose between the best, the most cost effective and the most specialised insurance.

  • JoHo offers various possibilities from combining insurances to assisting in transferring from one insurer to another.

  • When you purchase an insurance policy through JoHo, you will not pay more than if you had purchased it directly from the insurer. Sometimes (through special collective agreements) you will even pay less.

  • JoHo offers support with problems that may arise with the insurer. Sometimes disagreement with claims, cancellation notice or insurance premiums can occur. In this situation it helps if you have the assistance of an organisation who has an established relationship with the insurer.