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What are JoHo summaries & study notes?

JoHo summaries of study books

  • JoHo summaries will save you time, provide you with insight in primary and secundary key topics and will enhance your chances at the midterms or finals. JoHo summaries are based on the required readings and latest edition of a book. For decades JoHo summaries have been the most widely used tool in preparations for exams

JoHo BulletPoint summaries

  • BulletPoint summaries are concise summaries of books. Using BulletPoint summaries is convenient when you want to practice the most important topics before the exam. You can rehearse your knowledge easily, accessing them during a trainride, in the library, or at the last minute before an exam.

JoHo summaries of articles

  • Course readings often include a variety of (scholarly) articles. Usually the key topics of these articles can be presented in a few paragraphs or even sentences. JoHo summaries will help you to easily extract the essence of articles. When you finish your degree you will find ample opportunities in which you can use the summaries of articles to keep yourself updated on the scholarly development within your area of expertise.

JoHo lecture notes

  • If you have missed a lecture or group meeting due to illness, a hangover, because the teacher is impossible to understand or when you don't have the time to watch it online, it is great to have lecture notes at your disposal from someone who sat in the front of the lecture theatre. Reading lecture notes often provides you with more insight in what teachers find important and gives a great overview of all the different topics discussed during the course.



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JoHo practice materials & exams

  • Exam questions, practice questions and other practice materials allow you to train for taking an exam. JoHo practice materials will enhance your understanding of the key topics of your course, tests your knowledge of the important subjects and provide insight in the way in which an exam will be set. Smart students always take a look at previous exams and the manner of examination of the course.



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