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Why JoHo Summaries

JoHo Summaries 

  • are summaries of the books that you need to read for your class.
  • ...are always based on the compulsory reading materials for your courses and using only the latest editions
  • you can use online or in print

Why use them

  • they give you more insight into the important parts of your compulsory reading materials.
  • they help you to study faster, cheaper and more effectively.
  • they help you get better results.
  • they help you to refresh your knowledge after you have graduated.

Online summaries...

  • are based on the most up-to-date edition books
  • consist of bulletpoint summaries
  •  are available when you need them
  • you have unlimited access directly through your smartphone, tablet or laptop using

Bulletpoint summaries

  • Bulletpoint summaries are short excerpts of the compulsory reading materials containing the most important ideas and concepts.

How do you get summaries online?

  • Most of the summaries are online free of use
  • The print versions you can get for a small fee

Which summaries are available?

Requested by Filipino students


The following summaries are requested by Filipino students

Arts and Science
Author Book title Year of publication
Bakeman & Roger Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences 2005
Dominick, J.R. The Dynamics of Mass Communication: Media in transition 2011
Howell, C. Psychology and your life: create 2010
Avila, D.M. Essentials of English: Study and Thinking Skills 2003
Bustos, A.S. Introduction to Psychology 1999


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