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Organization & Business Members

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The World of JoHo


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International Memberships


  • International memberships can be paid directly for the first year & will be recurring through direct debit in 'the following years
  • Use the contactform for changing or ending your contributions & memberships
  • The use of study notes & summaries is limited in the international memberships. For study notes & summary access use the Dutch membershipform


The World of JoHo


Perks & Services


What does JoHo get from your membership


What do you get from your membership


  • See below for the services, perks & choice support you can use when you become a JoHo member


JoHo Membership

First year

  • Direct payment
  • €12,00 (valid for one year)

Second & later years

  • Recurring payment
  • 50 cents a months (€6,00 yearly)

JoHo  Membership Plus  + Smokey or WEP Friend

First year

  • Direct payment
  • €36,00

Second & later years

  • Recurring payment
  • €1,50 a month  (€18,00 yearly)



As a JoHo member you can make use of several services & perks:

    Choice Support on travel, work, intern & study abroad


    JoHo Membership

    • Local help desk services in Metro Manila, China, The Netherlands & Curacao

    JoHo Membership Plus & Friends

    • Free online access

    International Study Notes & Summaries


    JoHo Membership

    • Access to summaries & study notes on

    JoHo Membership Plus & Friends

    • Access to summaries & study notes on
    • Extra options for making your own online notes
    • Access to extensive Dutch summary database

    Discounts & Perks


    JoHo Membership

    • Discounts in local JoHo support centers
    • Use of several partner discounts
    • Insurance Discounts & Cashbacks

    JoHo Membership Plus & Friends

    • Yearly one free Smokey Tour in Metro Manila
    • Free use of JoHo & WEP Emigration & Expat Service
    • Free invitation for Community Events in Metro Manila







    Price: 2,50 €


    How to Donate

    • You can use 'add to cart' button and donate directly by using paypal, credit card or other payment options.
    • you can multiply the amount when you reach the 'check out' page.

    You can make a donation to the JoHo Foundation in general, or more specific to one of the projects:

    • The Smokey Tours project (Philippines)
    • The Insurance for Talent program (Philippines)
    • The Kindermuseum (Curaçao)

    If you wish to make your own donation you can use the following references:

    • Accountnumber: 4527327
    • IBAN: NL74INGB0004527327
    • Bankname: ING BANK NV
    • Please refer to your donation goal