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Choice Assistance with summaries of Sensation and Perception - Coren & Ward - 6th edition


Summaries of Sensation and Perception - Coren & Ward


Booksummaries to be used with 6th edition

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Content Prints

 Booksummary: list of contents for the printed summaries

  • The printed booksummary contains the following chapters:
    • Why study perception? - Chapter 1
    • How can perception be measured? - Chapter 2
    • How does the visual (nervous) system work? - Chapter 3
    • How can color and brightness be percieved? - Chapter 4
    • How does the auditory nervous system work? - Chapter 5
    • How can sound be percieved? - Chapter 6
    • How can patterns be percieved visually? - Chapter 8
    • How does perception of space and depth work? - Chapter 9
    • How does the brain process perceiving objects and scenes? - Chapter 10
    • How do we perceive time? - Chapter 11
    • How do we perceive motions? - Chapter 12
    • How can the brain filter information? - Chapter 13
    • What is the life span development approach? - Chapter 15
    • What is the perceptual learning approach to development? - Chapter 16

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