JoHo & The Philippines



World Experience Philippines


JoHo initiated World Experience Philippines to facilitate world supporters that visit The Philippines for

  • Travel
  • Volunteering
  • Internships
  • Work
  • Emigration

 Smokey Tours


JoHo hopes with the Smokey Tours projects to bring societal change in our communities, either small or on a much bigger scale. It is a huge goal, and we work in small steps. It is not easy, and sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes not at all. To know more about what we do, read the Newsletters, ask the Tour Leaders or visit Smokey in the office and see how you can be a part of it.


Tours & Training Desk 

  • The Tours & Training Desk offers information & booking facilities for fair tours & courses on talent development and Philippine culture.
  • The aim is to contribute, share knowledge, experiences and skills & to stimulate mutual understanding in the world.

Smokey Tours 

  • Smokey Tours is part of JoHo Philippines.
  • People from the slums are trained to become professional tour leaders.
  • The tourleaders share their experiences in the tours offered by Smokey Tours.
  • Smokey Tours tries to offer tours, where you can experience the other side of Manila in a personal way.




Language Courses