Choice assistance with summaries of European Union Law - Barnard & Peers - 2nd edition

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Summaries of European Union Law - Barnard & Peers


Booksummaries to be used with the 2nd edition of European Union Law

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Content Prints with summaries of summaries of European Union Law

 Booksummary: list of contents for the printed summaries

  • The printed booksummary contains the following chapters:
    • How can the European Union be legitimized? - Chapter 1
    • How did the European Union develop? - Chapter 2
    • What are the EU's political institutions? - Chapter 3
    • What is constitutionalism in the context of the EU? - Chapter 4
    • How does legislation come to life in the EU? - Chapter 5
    • What are the effects of EU law in the national legal systems? - Chapter 6
    • Is EU law international law? - Chapter 7
    • What are the general principles of EU law and EU administrative law? - Chapter 8
    • What are the fundamental rights in the EU? - Chapter 9
    • How does judicial protection before the Court of Justice of the EU work? - Chapter 10
    • How does the internal market work? - Chapter 11
    • How does the free movement of goods work? - Chapter 12
    • What are the rules on free movement of natural persons and citizenship of the Union? - Chapter 13
    • What are the rules on the free movement of legal persons and the provision of services? - Chapter 14
    • What are the rules on the free movement of capital? - Chapter 15
    • What are the exceptions to the free movement rules? - Chapter 16
    • What are the provisions on competition law? - Chapter 17
    • What EU law applies to public services? - Chapter 18
    • How was the EMU established? - Chapter 19
    • What are the EU's laws on labour and equality? - Chapter 20
    • What are the EU's health laws? - Chapter 21
    • What does the EU's environmental law entail? - Chapter 22
    • What are the EU's consumer laws? - Chapter 23
    • How does the EU organize its relations to the outside world? - Chapter 24
    • What is the EU's criminal law? - Chapter 25
    • How does the EU deal with immigration and asylum issues? - Chapter 26
    • What is the legal dimension of Brexit? - Chapter 27

Booksummary with former editions

  • A Dutch summary with some chapters of the (current) 2nd edition is published on


  • A Dutch summary with some chapters of the 1st edition of the book can be found on

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