Choice Assistance with summaries of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance - Hillier et al. - 3rd edition

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Summaries of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance - Hillier et al.


Booksummaries to be used with the 3rd edition of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

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Content Prints with summaries of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

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  • The printed booksummary contains the following chapters:
    • What is corporate finance? - Chapter 1
    • How are ownerships and corporate governance organised? - Chapter 2
    • How to analyse and use financial statements? - Chapter 3
    • What is the present and future value of money? - Chapter 4
    • What are Annuities and perpetuities? - Chapter 5
    • What are bonds (in corporate finance)? - Chapter 6
    • What is equity valuation? - Chapter 7
    • What are investment criteria? - Chapter 8
    • Decisions on capital investment? - Chapter 9
    • How to analyse and evaluate projects? - Chapter 10
    • How do Capital Markets operate? - Chapter 11
    • How does return, risk, and the security marketline work? - Chapter 12
    • What are costs associated with capital? - Chapter 13
    • How does raising capital work? - Chapter 14
    • How does financial leverage and capital structure policy work? - Chapter 15
    • What are issues around dividends and payouts? - Chapter 16
    • What is short-term financial planning and management? - Chapter 17
    • How to manage international corporate finance? - Chapter 18
    • How to understand behavioural finance? - Chapter 19
    • What is financial risk management? - Chapter 20
    • What are Options? - Chapter 21
    • What are mergers and acquisitions? - Chapter 22

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