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  • Contents: English practice questions with answers to be used with the first 5 chapters of History of Psychology by Van der Velde
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  • What are mechanisms within the field of psychology? - Chapter 1
  • Who were Descartes and Hobbes? - Chapter 2
  • Who were the empiricists in the 17th and 18th century? - Chapter 3
  • Can psychology be seen as a science? - Chapter 4
  • How does the scientific study into behavior proceed? - Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6 will follow

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Insight: important opposite theoretical positions in psychology are:

  • cognition/emotion as a basis for behavior,
  • mind/body problem,
  • nature/nurture debate,
  • monism/dualism,
  • realism/idealism,
  • empirism/sceptisism/rationalism,
  • enlightenment/romanticism

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