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Summaries Business History: complexities and comparisons - Amatori & Colli

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    • Introduction to a Global Business History - Chapter 1
    • What are the main theories on business history? - Chapter 2
    • Which different views on entrepreneurship can be distinguished? - Chapter 3
    • Business history in the pre-industrial era - Chapter 4
    • What happened during the first industrial revolution? - Chapter 5
    • What is the factory system and what were and are the impacts? - Chapter 6
    • What does the history of business infrastructure look like? - Chapter 7
    • What is the history of technology and organization of big businesses? - Chapter 8
    • What did big business look like in different nations? - Chapter 9
    • What did the multidivisional corporation look like? - Chapter 10
    • What did Europe look like between the two world wars? - Chapter 11
    • What are the origins of the incredible Japanese success? - Chapter 12
    • Wat was the origin of the third industrial revolution? - Chapter 13
    • What were and are the consequences of American economic dominance? - Chapter 14
    • The situation in the Soviet Union: Communism - Chapter 15
    • The situation in Japan - Chapter 16
    • The situation in Europe - Chapter 17
    • The latecomers: the situation in South Korea and Argentina - Chapter 18
    • What does the history of multinationals look like? - Chapter 19
    • What new forms of businesses developed recently? - Chapter 20
    • The return of America's dominant position - Chapter 21
    • What did the Japanese and European economic performances in the 1990's look like? - Chapter 22
    • New players: China and India - Chapter 23
    • A last glance at Business History - Chapter 24

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