Choice Assistance with summaries of Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind - Reisberg - 7th edition

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Summaries & ExamTests with Cognition: Exploring the Science of the Mind - Reisberg


Booksummaries to be used with the 7th edition of Cognition

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Content Prints with summaries of Cognition

 Booksummary: list of contents for the printed summaries

  • The printed English booksummary contains the following chapters:
    • What is cognitive psychology? - Chapter 1
    • What is the neural basis of cognition? - Chapter 2
    • How does visual perception work? - Chapter 3
    • How do we recognize objects? - Chapter 4
    • What is attention? - Chapter 5
    • What is memory? - Chapter 6
    • What is the relationship between acquisition and the retrieval of information? - Chapter 7
    • How do we remember complex events? - Chapter 8
    • What are concepts? - Chapter 9
    • What is language? - Chapter 10
    • What is visual imagery? - Chapter 11
    • How does judgement and reasoning work? - Chapter 12
    • What are problem solving strategies and what is intelligence? - Chapter 13
    • How do conscious and unconscious processes proceed? - Chapter 14
  • The printed Dutch booksummary contains the following chapters:
    • Wat is cognitieve psychologie? - Chapter 1
    • Wat is de neurale basis van cognitie? - Chapter 2
    • Hoe werkt visuele perceptie? - Chapter 3
    • Hoe verloopt de herkenning van objecten? - Chapter 4
    • Wat is aandacht? - Chapter 5
    • Hoe werkt het geheugen? - Chapter 6
    • Wat is de relatie tussen acquisitie en terughalen van informatie? - Chapter 7
    • Hoe onthouden we complexe gebeurtenissen? - Chapter 8
    • Wat zijn concepten? - Chapter 9
    • Wat is taal? - Chapter 10
    • Wat is visuele verbeelding? - Chapter 11
    • Hoe werkt oordelen en redeneren? - Chapter 12
    • Wat zijn probleemoplossingsstrategieën en wat is intelligentie? - Chapter 13
    • Hoe verlopen bewuste en onbewuste processen? - Chapter 14

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