Reverse Culture Shock

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The book "Reverse Culture Shock" informs people on how to make the most out spending time abroad, and on how to cope with reverse culture shock when returning home.


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What is 'reverse culture shock'?

  • The authors of the book " Getting the best out of your travel and stay abroad and how to cope with reverse culture shock on returning home" and the corresponding website, Ria Saltsidis-Oekas and Nynke Nicolai, both spend time abroad. Therefore, they have first hand experience on how to deal with reverse homesickness and incorporating time abroad into your daily, "regular" life upon returning home.
  • Reverse culture shock may occur with those who spend some time abroad.
  • This means that you may feel restless, detached or uncomfortable when you return home, even if it is wonderful to return to your friends and family and all the things you missed while being away.

Guidance and Support

  • The website and book support those dealing with these phenomena and feelings by sharing experiences and giving tips and suggestions.
  • Ria Saltsidis-Oekas and Nynke Nicolai offer guidance on how to focus on and utilize the broader perspectives and new skills you gained while spending time abroad.
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