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Organisatie: land & lokatie
Lexmondplaats 24
6843HL, Arnhem


China Plus offers a wide range of services for Europeans, related to cultural exchange with China. With China Plus you have the possibility to teach English in China and to fully experience the culture of this interesting country. Moreover, China Plus will help you to make all the necessary preparations for your departure more transparant and easy.

Adres & Gegevens
Lexmondplaats 24
6843HL, Arnhem

JoHo members who book a TEFL course through China Plus receive a combination discount of 40 euros. 

China Plus: waar staan ze voor

World Supporter CV

  • The teaching programs of China Plus give young European adults the opportunity to gain international experience and the time to get to know the Chinese culture.
  • At the same time it responds to the need of foreign English teachers in China and helps Chinese schools to improve their students' English language skills.


Activiteiten, Producten & Services

Products & Services CV

China Plus gives Europeans the opportunity to work as a teacher in China.

Teaching English

  • Since 2012 China Plus has been offering the English Teacher Program to give Europeans the opportunity to teach in China and discover this interesting country!
  • Teaching possibilities are both at public and private Chinese schools. These vary from kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and sometimes even colleges.
  • Most teachers will be placed in small cities in Central, South and East China, but it is also possible to teach in big cities such as Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen.

Teaching performing arts, sports or another subject

  • If you have a bachelor degree in theater, dance and/or drama performance you can teach within the Performing Arts teaching program. With this program you can teach performing arts to Chinese children aged between 3 and 15 at private training centers.
  • If you have experience in sports training/teaching you also have the oppertunity to teach within the China Plus Sports Program. Teach the rules of playing football/ volleyball /rugby in English and improve English speaking skills of the students in different ways.
  • If you have a bachelor degree in any other school subject (like math, science, history, economy, ICT, Spanish or geology) you can teach that subject in English. In order to teach at international schools you must be familiar with the GCSE (General Certification of Secondary Education) or the ACT (American College Test).

Alternatieven, Agenda & Media

    Follow an online & weekend TEFL course

    Improve your teaching skills and increase your job chances

    • How does it work? You start by booking a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) through JoHo to obtain the internationally recognized TEFL certificate. This increases your chance of getting a teaching job in China with China Plus.
    • It is an online course which gives you the skills and confidence you need to teach English as a foreign language. You can also join an additional weekend course, to practise teaching skills in real life.
    • When signing up for this course mention China Plus in the booking form.
    • You can book your TEFL course at JoHo and receive a cashback when you are a JoHo member! Read more about the TEFL courses (in Dutch or English).


    Voorbereiding & Verzekering

    The insurances of China Plus for teaching English and other activities are safeguarded by JoHo Insurances


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    Work & Internship CV


      • China Plus accepts unsolicited applications. Please apply if you think you are the perfect addition to the current China Plus team.
      • Fill in the contact form on the China Plus website to apply for a job or send your motivation letter and your resume to


      • According to JoHo's information, there are no possibilities (yet) to do an internship at China Plus.


      • According to JoHo's information, there are no possibilities (yet) to volunteer at China Plus.


      Reageren, solliciteren & informeren


      • Neem met deze organisatie contact op via de contactgegevens op deze pagina voor meer informatie of reacties op bovenstaande en onderstaande activiteiten, aanbiedingen, vacatures, stages en vrijwilligerswerkmogelijkheden


      Vacatures & Activities van deze organisatie

      Alle vacatures en werkmogelijkheden voor betaald werk, stages en vrijwilligerswerk voldoen doorgaans aan een aantal criteria:De organisaties hebben doorgegeven 1 á 2 vacatures per jaar óf doorlopende vacatures en activiteiten beschikbaar te hebben + de vacatures zijn in te vullen door Nederlanders. Kom je een vacature of activiteit tegen die niet meer aan deze criteria voldoet, laat het JoHo dan even weten. Bij voorbaat dank!

      Betaald werk

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