Merazonia is a dynamic wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre. Merazonia, operated by Frank (Dutch), combines passion for nature with a professional approach on animal care and release, along with rainforest conservation and wildlife monitoring.

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  • Merazonia, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre, was truly built by volunteers for volunteers (and animals of course) and this remains a big part of what makes Merazonia special.
  • Merazonia is located close to Mera town, where the Andes meets the Amazon. 
  • The World Wildlife Fund has called the area from Baños to Mera “A Gift to the Earth”.


Animal rescue and care

  • Merazonia has a young team of people who encourage volunteers to help think of ways to improve the park.
  • Animal care is rewarding work but certainly not a picnic in the park: preparing food, feeding, cleaning cages, general park maintenance.

Animal rehabilitation

  • Over the years Merazonia have had great results in implementing many successful rehabilitations: among others tamarin monkeys, sloths, kinkajoes, otters, boas, anteaters.
  • Rehabilitation of social and intelligent animals, such as primates, take a lot of investigation, observation and money. Students and volunteers can help in funding release projects.

Volunteering, doing an internship or conducting research

  • Some volunteers stay for a few weeks (2-4) at Merazonia when travelling around in South-America. Others stay for a few months or even longer, fully committing themselves to the park and Merazonia.
  • Merazonia does not receive any government fundig and for the well-being of the animals they does not receive tourists in the centre either. Therefore the organization depends on volunteer fees and donations to cover the basic costs of running the centre.
  • If you stay for a longer period of time, volunteer fees are lowered and facilities might be individualized, if available.
  • In general, Merazonia works with around 10 to 15 volunteers from all over the world at any given time.
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